You can pick up Spicy Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s across Canada starting today

McDonald’s Canada

Sorry Canada, the iconic McPizza isn’t making a comeback as some have speculated on social media.

But even if that wasn’t what everyone was hoping for, starting today, you can get a new take on one of your McDonald’s favorites.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets!

This new take on the classic McNuggets launched at McDonald’s locations across the United States last September and will be available for a limited time at participating Canadian locations.

Made with 100% seasoned and breaded chicken breast with a spicy habanero heat, these new McNuggets are perfect for those looking for a classic take on their old favorite.

Spicy Buffalo Dipping Sauce will also be available for those who want even more heat!

However, not all reactions to this new version have been positive.

At the end of last week, McDonald’s Canada hinted at a new menu item and plunged the internet into a nostalgic frenzy.

On August 27, McDonald’s Canada tweeted “THE THING YOU ASKED FOR IS ARRIVING ON 08.31.2021”. This caused Twitter to speculate on what the new menu item would be.

Twitter began flooding with responses hoping the legendary McPizza would return.

That same day, McDonald’s Canada tweeted a personalized Canadian Heritage Moment, teasing everyone with a McPizza feature.

This only fueled speculation that Canada would soon see the return of the nostalgic ’90s menu item.

The next day, August 28, McDonald’s Canada returned to Twitter to announce that the new menu item would not be McPizza.

The response was overwhelming:

Currently, only one McDonald’s franchise sells McPizza. Sadly, it’s in Orlando, Florida.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets will be available at participating McDonald’s locations across Canada for a limited time.

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