Yes, some McDonald’s offer free iPhones to boost hiring

A poster was spotted at a McDonald’s in Illinois that promised iPhones to new hires. Hundreds of people are asking online if it’s legit.

EFFINGHAM, Ill. – A photo of a poster hanging from a McDonald’s storefront is shared hundreds of times on social media.

“We are hiring. Free iPhone after 6 months of employment and meeting the hiring criteria”

Is this social media post legitimate?

Our source is Erica Jones, McDonald’s Field PR Manager.

Jones is the liaison between McDonald’s corporate headquarters and franchise owners.

Jones told us that this hiring benefit hung on the window of McDonald’s on South Banker Street in Effingham, Illinois.

The owner is a franchisee or an independent operator.

It offers the iPhone promotion at all three McDonald’s locations in Effingham and its McDonald’s location in Altamont, Illinois.

This is not a national advantage on hiring.

What is the fine print to get this free iPhone?

McDonald’s told the Verify team that the new hire had to work at least 15 hours a week for six months to receive the iPhone. The salary starts at $ 13 an hour.

Jones also said it would be a “newer model iPhone depending on availability.” She added that the promotion is just for the phone. There is no phone plan included.

When the Verify team asked if this promotion was due to labor shortages after the pandemic, McDonald’s USA told us that restaurants always step up their recruiting efforts in the summer and franchisees can run promotions. to remain competitive in their local markets.

We can verify that this social media post is legitimate. Four McDonald’s branches in Effingham and Altamont, Ill. Offer free iPhone to employees who work there for six months, at least 15 hours per week.

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