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The father of a Queensland McDonald’s employee who would be fired in two weeks for not being vaccinated said the company was blackmailing staff into getting the jab.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said the move was part of its responsibility to prevent further lockdowns, that it was acting on government instructions and had an obligation to put the health of employees first and client.

The man’s claims come as those vaccinated will be given more freedoms when Queensland’s borders reopen.

Pubs, cafes and restaurants, cinemas, theaters and stadiums will only be open to people vaccinated under the Queensland government’s plan from December 17, or when the state meets the 80% double dose target .

The Jimboomba man, who wished to be known only as Stu, said Macca’s management reached out to his daughter, who works at Yarrabilba in Logan City, earlier this month, asking her what her plans were for her. vaccination against COVID-19.

When the 20-year-old replied that she was “hesitant,” her father said the company told her she could work for a fortnight before losing her job.

She had the option of resigning or being fired, and would choose dismissal so that she had it in writing.

The man said the company was trying to blackmail staff into getting vaccinated.

“Where there is a risk, you should always have a choice – a choice for your own body,” he said.

Her daughter was waiting for more data to become available.

“I honestly think that doesn’t make sense to me… It’s just coercion, you do as they say, or you’re gone.”

This is the 20-year-old’s first job, and her father has said the company will lose a model employee.

In a statement, McDonald’s said its plan was aimed at reducing the impacts of the pandemic.

“Given the scale of our business and our supply chain, we believe McDonald’s has a corporate responsibility to do everything possible to help keep the economy open and reduce further bottlenecks,” said said a spokesperson.

“Throughout the pandemic, we continue to work closely with the government to prioritize the health and safety of our employees and customers.

“In accordance with government advice, we encourage all eligible employees to receive the vaccine or discuss obtaining the vaccine with their physician.”

The girl’s father said her family was not against the vaccine, but her daughter was waiting for more data.

This Jab or no job at Maccas story first appeared on Beaudesert Times.

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