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A new independent artisan bread and pastry shop in Wrexham has opened its doors to rave reviews, since starting business just a few weeks ago. Part of the Olawa Bakery chain, which focuses on traditional Polish sweets, Wrexham Bakeshop has drawn a queue of people trying to get their hands on their high-quality, handmade breads, cakes and savory items.

The newcomer, is located next to Subway and McDonalds on Regent Street, and is part of a franchise spun off from the original Olawa bakery, which opened in 2014. It was founded by Miroslaw Zubicki, a professional baker who emigrated to the Kingdom United a decade earlier. .

Their idea is to throw off the big commercial bakery and make old-fashioned products your grandparents used to eat. They have a wide range of baked goods that reflects Poland’s love affair with bread.

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The town of Wrexham has a large Polish community, but its latest bakery is firmly entrenched in the mainstream market. Well, it certainly attracts punters, with many items selling out before closing time, so get there early.

The menu offers a wide selection with over 22 different breads, 20 pastries, 10 different cakes, as well as rolls and savory dishes galore. The sight of a fridge full of colorful cakes and shelves laden with bread is a feast for the eyes.

Cakes and pastries look great in the fridge and are great for posting on social media. The selection of irresistible treats changes daily, but many are suitable for vegans. Everything is handmade and without preservatives or enhancers.

We approach the counter and squint their names and come no closer to choosing our carb of choice. I do not know where to start ? The amount of bread on offer was overwhelming.

“I hear sourdough is on the rise,” I say – but my wife doesn’t bat an eyelid at my bread pun. We enjoy a coffee and cake deal for £3.99 while we decide what to get.

Even then, the choice of cake to accompany our flat white and cappuccino was a dilemma! There’s plenty of seating inside for customers who also need a coffee to add to their sugar rush.

The lady behind the counter offers a pistachio cake, apparently made from scratch with real pistachio and almond flavors. It was a true bright green delight, with its rustic chic layers bursting with flavor. It was filled with silky cream and the sponge was light as a feather.

Pistachio Cake at Wrexham Bakeshop

My wife decides to go for the Snickers cake, which we also cut in half and share. I love a Snickers bar, the combination of peanuts, chocolate and caramel is hard to resist at the best of times.

This cake was more about chocolate, with the peanut flavor coming in second. I could taste a little caramel sauce and there was a layer of soft nougat on the bottom.

This cake was also fluffy and light, so easy to digest. You could probably run a marathon after eating it! (Older readers may understand the joke).

Now we’re on a roll, so to speak, and opting for a chocolate croissant and a custard pastry. These were way bigger than your usual pastries, in fact, they were huge! Kind of like a cross between bread and a sweet cake and easily enough for two people.

The chocolate one had a thick streak of chocolate running through the middle, so perfect for dipping in your coffee. The custard door pastry was moist, flaky and flavorful with a sweet white frosting on top.

Seems like a good idea to revisit a loaf while we’re here, hey, that’s the yeast I could do! We were recommended rye bread by the lady behind the counter.

Wrexham Bakeshop sells over 22 different breads, 20 pastries and 10 different cakes as well as rolls and savory
Wrexham Bakeshop sells over 22 different breads, 20 pastries and 10 different cakes as well as rolls and savory

Apparently it is made from 100% rye flour. It looked rustic and was dense and heavy. It had a good texture with complex deep flavors. It made me want to try some of the other breads on offer, such as Pumpkin Seeds, Grandma’s Bread, and the intriguingly named Gladiator Bread.

You can feel the years of experience in the air as you stroll through the artisan bakery. Wrexham Bakeshop faces crumb competition in a town already teeming with bread and pastry makers.

The Bakery is a new nice boy on the block that competes to share your hard-earned dough with you. It’s worth it, you can crust me.


New Polish bakery Wrexham Bakeshop has received rave reviews
New Polish bakery Wrexham Bakeshop has received rave reviews

what we ate

Cake and coffee £3.99 x 2

Fair rye bread €2.90

Chocolate croissant €2.00

Custard pastry €1.60

Carry bag 20p

Total: £14.68

Opening time

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 10am-4pm

Address and contact details

Wrexham Bakery

54 Regent Street,


LL11 1RR

The verdict

The bread selection at Wrexham Bakeshop
The bread selection at Wrexham Bakeshop

Atmosphere: Bready or not, here I crumb!

Car park: Multi-storey car park across the road

Disabled access: Access possible through large glass doors

A service: Knowledgeable and friendly

Globally: Irresistible treats from the new bakery in town

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