Why McDonald’s satisfaction surveys might not be quite true

A slightly funny aspect of this reveal is that McDonald’s has a relatively lower satisfaction rating than most of its competition. In July, the Miami Herald reported that in this year’s U.S. Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), McDonald’s topped all fast food restaurants. This includes Subway, which attempted a refresh campaign with free sandwiches that hardly anyone tried (per Yahoo).

In fairness, however, Statistical shows that McDonald’s 70-point index score is the highest since 2014. Normally, you’d expect McDonald’s to be concerned that while their franchisees improve their reported satisfaction scores, other surveys place them below all other companies. However, it appears that customer dissatisfaction does not necessarily impact McDonald’s brand loyalty. In 2013, The HuffPost noted that despite McDonald’s being “extremely satisfied” with only 22% of its customers, 64% intended to return. Additionally, even in this article, McDonald’s boasted of a history of low customer satisfaction with food.

The point is, McDonald’s is not satisfying but provides cheap, easy, and predictable food stuff. So people will return to McDonald’s for this convenience – not really for the food itself. And as long as the sales numbers stay healthy, franchise owners can seemingly lie and fight with each other.

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