Why McDonald’s Happy Meal Transformers Joined Beast Wars, Explained

IDW’s Beast Wars just added several Dark Transformers, including those that debuted as McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Transformers: Beast Wars # 9, available now from IDW Publishing.

Like other parts of the sprawling Transformers franchise, Beast wars has appeared in various forms of media over the years. While these primitive cybertronians starred in cartoons, comics, and video games, the series started out as a toy line. Revitalize the sleeper Transformers brand in the mid-90s, Beast wars would continue to get multiple media links. One of them included new toys from fast food giant McDonald’s, resulting in new obscure robots in disguise.

McDonald’s transformers were never really used on the Beast wars animated series, but they eventually made an appearance in IDW Beast wars comics in Transformers: Beast Wars # 9, by Erik Burnham, Josh Burcham and Jake M. Wood. This follows a trend of IDW introducing obscure Transformers into their comics like this incarnation of the Beast wars the universe is growing.

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How did McDonald’s Happy Meal transformers join Beast Wars?

A flashback in the issue brings Predacon Skold to his youth on Cybertron. There, she hoped to become an artist, which was a profession occupied almost entirely by Maximals. Predators, on the other hand, have been relegated to manual labor and violent athleticism for jobs. Skold soon remembers this when she visits a museum, with a trio of Maximals reminding her that she “had no place” in the arts since she was a Predacon.

None of the three bullies are named, but their designs should be somewhat familiar to diehards. Transformers Fans. Those three are none other than Rhino, Manta Ray, and Panther, who were characters shown as toys for McDonald’s Happy Meal. Beast wars connecting line in 1996. This isn’t the first time IDW has used the characters in their biggest Transformers stories, but it marks their introduction into this. Beast wars continuity. While this continuity is still in its infancy, this obscure attraction shows just how Beast wars lore of this series pulls.

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What are McDonald’s Beast Wars toys?

Happy Meal transformers

This trio has its roots in the 1996 Beast Wars / Littlest Pet Shop The Happy Meal line, which featured relatively simple transformers based on concept art for the main figures. For example, Manta Ray’s alternate mode was originally seen as an alternate mode for a new version of Optimus Prime, while Panther was based on a cougar concept for Cheetor at a time when the character was going to be a new release. by Prowl.

Despite being a male in the Japanese anime continuity, Manta Ray was a female in the West, making her one of the few female Transformers to have a toy around this time. Likewise, she was also a Predacon in the old continuity, so her presence as Maximal is somewhat surprising, given how true the comic has been to old characterizations thus far.

The characters and their fellow Happy Meal Transformers have never been introduced to wider fiction in any capacity, possibly due to their somewhat simplistic names. While they appeared in different IDWs Transformers comics and guide books, they’ve almost always been buffs. While the McDonald’s Transformers will likely remain mere cameo characters, their presence here is still a testament to the full-fledged embrace of all of Beast Wars, even characters who never took part in the series or the main toy line. .

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