What the public thinks of Buckingham McDonald’s after a month of opening

McDonald’s is a huge fast food chain with branches across the UK, including Buckinghamshire.

It wasn’t too long ago that Buckingham opened the doors to the city’s first McDonald’s restaurant.

Open since December 7, some people have already shared their strong opinions on the new branch of Google.

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It is located in the Tesco Superstore car park on London Road and offers a 24-hour drive-thru as well as a catering service.

The Buckingham branch is the third McDonald’s under the same franchise in the county, along with the other two restaurants in the Aylesbury area.

However, people are currently split on whether they like it right now – and the restaurant only has a 2.2 star rating with 16 Google reviews.

It should be added that BuckinghamshireLive’s own reporter enjoyed the experience when he visited the new McDonald’s shortly after it opened to sample the festive menu.

Here’s what some happy and unhappy customers had to say about the specific channel.

One customer gave a 1 star rating and wrote: “4th time I’ve been there and it was a joke. I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt because [sic] they just opened. But constantly waiting more than 25 minutes for a so called fast food is ridiculous. There is NO day I can get exactly what I want.

“Crossing is more than slow. If you go in, it’s slow. 3 times now! We understand your [sic] a new McDonald’s, but McDonald’s is an established franchise, so you should have done your research and know how to handle things. How long are we supposed to wait before you can actually start running properly?”

A happier customer rated it four stars and said: “Every time I’ve been there I’ve had the breakfast menu so I can’t judge what else is on the menu. menu, but what I had was ok and also good waiting times.”

Another disgruntled customer rated one star and said: “Once I waited 40 minutes for a hot chocolate and a Mcflurry. Yesterday I waited 25 minutes for a burger with fries and a drink. Foolishly, I always come back hoping that I learned how to accelerate. Disappointed every time.”

What was your experience with the Buckingham branch? Let us know in the comments!

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