Wendy’s takes the cake (hot) on Burger King, McDonald’s Next

In 1983, Burger King’s Croissan’wich seemed revolutionary.

Then, much like now, McDonald’s (MCD) – Get McDonald’s Corporation report dominated the fast food breakfast market with a very simple menu. Had the Egg McMuffin, pancakes, Big Breakfast (pancakes, eggs, sausage patty and hash browns) and not much else.

Since its national launch in 1975, the Egg McMuffin has established itself as the morning’s big winner despite being built around Canadian bacon, not real bacon. The sausage and bacon versions weren’t even introduced until the mid-1980s, shortly after Burger King introduced the Croissan’wich.

Burger King offered a real alternative to the McMuffin at the time. Now the Restaurant Brands International (RSQ) – Get Restaurant Brands International Inc report chain has a tired breakfast menu that’s struggling to find new hits. Sure, he’s tried the Egg’Normous Buritto, but he’s yet to find his next lasting hit.

And at Wendy’s (MAGNIFYING GLASS) – Get Wendy’s Business Report is poised to overtake Burger King for second place, behind McDonald’s, in the race for breakfast dominance.

Wendy’s has made big strides in breakfast

When Wendy’s launched breakfast, its premise was simple: it wanted to use fresh ingredients and offer a better version of what McDonald’s and Burger King had on their menus. It matched that with a bit of innovation, using chicken and honey and adding a Baconator breakfast.

And even though Wendy’s was unlucky enough to launch its breakfast menu just before the Covid pandemic hit, it kept gaining market share. During the company’s fourth quarter earnings call, chief executive Todd Penegor attributed some of his chain’s success to breakfast

“This was partly due to the growth of our breakfast business, which reached 8.5% of sales in the United States at the height of our highly successful Buck Biscuit promotion and global digital acceleration, which reached about 10% of sales by the end of the year,” he said. noted.

This is just the beginning, according to Penegor.

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“When we look at the full year, we made significant progress increasing breakfast sales by around 25%,” he said.

“We achieved this through several successful trial campaigns, continued increases in customer loyalty, an additional two months of the daytime game, and the backing of our additional $25 million advertising investment. breakfast.

“In 2022, we will add to our playbook to grow the breakfast business as we support growth through menu innovation, such as our new Honey Hot Chicken Biscuit, as well as breakfast offerings. convincing test drives to further entrench the habit.”

The CEO expects breakfast to continue growing at a rapid pace.

“We expect our US breakfast business to accelerate in 2022 by approximately 10% to 20%, bringing average weekly US breakfast sales to approximately $3,000 to $3,500 per week. restaurant by the end of the year,” he added.

Is Wendy’s Pass Burger King (and maybe McDonald’s)?

Wendy’s didn’t shy away from aiming for its goal of overtaking McDonald’s. She targeted the fast-food chain in her ads when she launched breakfast. And he made some pretty bold claims.

“To date, some others in the category have let breakfast consumers down by offering breakfast sandwiches with folded frozen eggs and pre-cooked bacon. Today, that all changes,” Carl said. Loredo, Marketing Director of Wendy’s, at The Drum.

“We are known for our high quality food and breakfast is no different. Try one of our mouth-watering dishes – we think this menu will become your favourite.”

Now Wendy’s thinks it can overtake Burger King and eventually come close to, or even overtake, McDonald’s.

“For us, right now, we’re very solidly and very quickly established as number three, but we’re only one point behind Burger King,” Wendy’s US President Kurt Kane said in an interview. at CNBC.

“Our first job is to leave them behind, which we are very confident we can do here in the not too distant future.”

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