UPDATE! UPDATE! More construction is underway in Toms River, NJ

We now know all about the Mr. Restaurant expansion on Rt. 37 in Toms River.

We now have some answers to my questions from the other days about the expansion, is Mr. Restaurant / Bandwagon open during the expansion? “Thank you” for so many responses about this delicious restaurant that my dad always loved when he visited me.

Construction of Mr. Restaurant in Toms River, NJ Rt. 37.

I’ve received emails from Brian, Linda, TT, Janet and so many Facebook posts explaining what’s going on. During the summer when the expansion began, Mr. Restaurant had the explanation for the expansion in the restaurant. Brian said he was there the last day of opening before construction and that the old building will be cleaned up and the new structure under construction will be the restaurant. The building being cleared will be the new parking lot.

We look forward to the “new” opening of Mr. Restaurant, what an excitement.

Bandwagon has been around for almost 15 years and it’s a place where, if the family comes with their family, they love to go there on their way to the beach. I have to say their pancakes are some of the best around, and my favorite cheese scrambled eggs are delicious. Something else I found out, the owners of Mr. Restaurant / Bandwagon are the same owner as Town & Country Restaurant in Toms River.

Have you been to Bandwagon / Mr. Restaurant? What’s your favorite meal there? Good luck with the construction and can’t wait to see it. Hopefully he’ll be ready to go this summer.

One thing about the build hopefully they won’t change, red awnings, I always looked for red along Rt. 37, please don’t change that. I can’t wait to discover the new excavations.

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