Trending This Week: McDonald’s Launches Chocolate Pretzel McFlurry

This week on, the main story was the Senate votes to kill the $40 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund in the second round. The bill received 52 “yes” votes, eight votes less than the amount needed to start debate on the bill. That’s likely the death knell for the Replenishment Bill, which was first proposed last summer and would have funded the 265,000 restaurants and bar operators who applied and saw themselves refuse funding (more than two-thirds of the total number of applicants).

In other news, McDonald’s USA LLC plans to launch a new limited-time Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry nationwide on May 25, the company announced Wednesday. be available at participating restaurants.

Additionally, Fat Brands on Wednesday announced Chip’s acquisition of Nestle Toll House Café from Crest Foods for an undisclosed amount and will begin rebranding the dessert stores as Great American Cookies, which FAT Brands also owns. Crest Foods currently franchises 85 Nestlé® Toll House Café by Chip cafes in the United States and they will each be integrated into the Fat Brands portfolio.

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