TikTokers are obsessed with a McDonald’s employee who sings to customers as they pick up their food

A McDonald’s employee in London is getting all kinds of praise online.

Richard Walker (@ukrichardwalker) is an employee of the Liverpool Street McDonald’s in the Finsbury district of London. He is also the self-proclaimed “McMC” of the restaurant, a name he has more than earned thanks to his in-store musical performances.

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In late April, TikTok users began recording clips of Walker holding a microphone and singing as he calls out commands. Walker then began posting the videos on his own page.

The most popular of these videos shows Walker singing “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan, waving his hands from side to side as a line of customers joins them.

In another video, Walker sings Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are,” with help from the crowd waiting for their food.

“I think I need to get rehired and get a vocal coach,” Walker joked in his caption.

Another clip shows Walker transitioning seamlessly from work to performance. He starts the video by calling out an order number, but after the customer doesn’t answer, he kills time by leading the whole restaurant in song.

“Calling order numbers was the reason we have a mic, so good to see I remember that from time to time,” Walker wrote in the post.

It’s clear from Walker’s clips — as well as her comments section — that many clients love her performances.

“This guy is a legend,” wrote one user.

“I’ve been spamming McDonald’s customer service comments since you entertained us all on Friday,” another added.

“Best McDonald’s in London,” agreed another. “Workers are always a vibe.”

It’s unclear how often Walker entertains clients at work, or how long he’s been doing it. One commenter, however, claimed to have a video from 2020 showing him singing a John Legend song at the same McDonald’s.

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