This popular fast food menu offering is disappearing, experts warn

As the pandemic ends, cheap and easy fast food options are more popular than ever. Consumption of pizza and fried chicken is on the rise, and restaurant chains continue to add more and more features like loyalty programs and family meals to attract old and new customers. But there’s one popular feature of the fast food menu that’s getting more and more outdated: value offerings.

A long-standing staple, the classic value meal of a main course, side dish and drink, which typically costs less than $ 5, is being phased out from the menus of big chains like McDonald’s and KFC. , according to NBC News. Instead, customers can expect to find a proliferation of combo dishes ranging from $ 10 to $ 30, as well as new menu items with higher price tags that cater to customers looking for more. ‘better quality options.

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With renewed interest in fast food restaurants, America’s largest national chains no longer need bargain-seeking customers to increase foot traffic and are adjusting their offerings accordingly. Giants like Wendy’s are swapping valuable items for menu sections filled with higher priced items. The Square Patties chain’s Made to Crave selection consists of items like Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger and Bretzel Bacon Pub Chicken, which range in price from $ 5 to $ 7 (depending on location).

KFC has stopped marketing the “$ 5 Fill Ups” as of 2020, according to NBC News, and is now focusing on $ 30 family meals instead. Likewise, Domino’s, which dominated the national pizza space during the pandemic, suspended its “Boost Week” discounts which offered half-price pizzas to those who order online.

McDonald’s, despite removing the Dollar menu several years ago, now offers the $ 1 menu $ 2 $ 3 as the lowest price option. According to franchisees, the cheaper meals lowered the prices of the rest of the chain’s menu items.

“We’ve been tied to the Dollar menu for so long, it’s tied our hands to elevate the rest of the menu,” said Jim Lewis, former McDonald’s franchise owner. Catering company. If the prices of the regular menu items became too high for the customer’s preferences, the customer would simply switch to the dollar menu items.

Along with dying out the cheapest menu items, here are several fast food staples that are expected to get more expensive soon.

An impending shortage of chicken wings was announced by experts earlier this year. In February, some warned that the US cold-room chicken wing stock was at its worst. lowest point since 2011, while restaurants were already grappling with increased demand for popular comfort foods.

In April, restaurants in states like Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia and Ohio were to cancel Wing Nights or offer creative alternatives, such as serve “boneless wings” made with breast meat. Thanks to a proliferation of chicken sandwiches, experts said the shortage could soon spread to chicken breasts.

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green onion chicken wings
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Buffalo restaurateur said Business intern that the prices of its supplier’s chicken wings have increased by 99%, thanks to labor shortages in chicken farms. In addition, the price of frying oil is also on the rise, making chicken wings more and more expensive to make. According to the publication, some catering companies have already raised the prices of the fenders accordingly.


According to Business intern, a New Jersey pizzeria owner said his supplier, which is a national distributor, told him to expect “everything” to get more expensive, flour included. He said the higher raw material costs will have to be passed on to the consumer, which means pizza prices may soon rise as well.

texas roadhouse early sirloin menu
Courtesy of Texas Roadhouse

Saint-Louis ribs prices are up 50% for some restaurateurs, according to Business fox. An owner of a barbecue restaurant in New Hampshire told the publication that many staples his establishment buys regularly have gone up in price and business owners have no choice but to ” raise prices so that customers can make a profit.

Even America’s biggest steakhouse chain recently announced that its food is getting more expensive. Texas Roadhouse said an increase in labor costs has trickled down to its menu, where customers will see a total increase of 1.4% right now, with 1.75% being the ultimate goal.

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