This popular burger chain is set to expand with over 100 new locations – Eat this, not that

Most Americans have plenty of fast food options within a short drive, but for the most part Jack in the Box is not currently one of them. That’s because the beloved burger chain, while ubiquitous in some markets, is missing from many areas.

But that is likely to change in the years to come. In fact, the change is already underway. According to RSR Magazine, Jack in the Box closed nearly two dozen new development agreements in its fourth quarter, which will see 111 new locations open over the next few years. Seven of the agreements alone, signed in the past few weeks alone, will be responsible for nearly 50 new Jack in the Box restaurants.

And while many new restaurants will open in existing markets, such as Los Angeles and Dallas, the chain will also open stores in new areas, such as Louisville and Salt Lake City.

Here’s where Jack In the Box currently sits on the American fast food map.

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Although one of the oldest fast food chains in America – it was founded a year before Burger King – Jack In the Box can be found in less than half of the states. It has a strong presence in the western states, but can only be found in a few southern states and not at all in the northeast.

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According to the company’s own data, there are currently 2,212 Jack in the Box locations in operation, which is paltry compared to the 13,000 McDonald’s locations, 7,250 Burger King locations, or 5,800+ Wendy’s locations.

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Jack in the Box has good reason to be confident that it is adding new stores based on its performance lately. According to QSR Mag, the restaurant saw an impressive 14% year-over-year increase in the third quarter.

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The recent announcement of the 111 new Jack in the Box locations follows the chain’s renewed franchise efforts after a long-standing dispute with existing franchisees was resolved. Less than a year ago, the company hinted that it could add up to 1,100 new locations in the coming years.

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