This is what forced KFC to start the franchise

Fate wanted Colonel Sanders to meet a man named Pete Harman in 1952. Harman owned a burger joint in Salt Lake City, Utah, according to Company Histories. That same year, Harman would open the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, according to Mental Floss. It was a pivotal moment for the fried chicken chain.

Sanders knew he was on to something when he saw how successful his partnership with Harman was. He started spending more time on the road, talking to more restaurateurs about selling his fried chicken recipe and adding it to their menus. By 1964 – a little over a decade after this first franchise – his recipe was being served in over 600 different restaurants in Canada and the United States, by Uproxx.

That same year, the Colonel decided to sell his business for a whopping $ 2 million in addition to an annual salary of $ 40,000 to continue as the restaurant’s “goodwill ambassador”, in part because the management of business was not its strength, per The New York Post. Through franchising, Sanders created the business model that would maintain KFC locations across the United States and eventually around the world. So if you are a KFC fan, you may be happy that the road-building misfortune that cost him his restaurant doors closing meant there were bigger and better things in store for this. ubiquitous chain.

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