The restaurant that says it’s chicken filet mignon

How can a restaurant that sells chicken fillets charge themselves so much? To get our answer, we first need to look at Huey Magoo’s story. As Franchising tells us, the company started in 2004 when founders Matt Armstrong and Thad Hudgens met in Mississippi and found they both shared a love for chicken tenders and serving people. While Huey Magoo’s started slowly, the chain’s focus on serving the finest tender chicken attracted former Wingstop marketing manager Andy Howard, who, impressed with Huey Magoo’s quality and business model, entered into a partnership with Armstrong and Hudgens (via QSR Magazine). How good can a Huey Magoo be?

Huey Magoo’s 2021 viewer review praised the channel’s chicken as very juicy and tender, as well as the sauce the chicken was served with. The review, however, focused on Huey Magoo’s interest in customer service, noting that employees did their best to make the reviewer feel welcome. Even chain franchisee Buck Harris reportedly said he was “very focused on customer service and food quality” during his time at Huey Magoo’s.

Perhaps Huey Magoo’s does not present itself as the “Chicken Tenderloin” solely by the quality of its tenderloins, but by combining a welcoming and exciting atmosphere that encourages people to enjoy quality chicken tenderloins with their friends and their family. Of course, Huey Magoo’s isn’t the only fast food company with a focus on chicken tenders.

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