The reason McDonald’s changed its logo

Along with the delicious fries and range of burgers, the McDonald’s logo, also known as “golden arches”, is one of the most recognizable images in the world.

And a TikToker was invited by McDonald’s to makeover their iconic letter M on a red background – and the end result is hilarious.

McDonald’s asked Emily to redesign her logo (Credit: TikTok / Emily Zugay)

Emily Zugay, a TikToker graduate and design graduate, posted a video in August in which she “put her degree to good use” by redesigning improved logos for companies like Starbucks and Apple.

McDonald’s TikTok account spotted their tongue-in-cheek redesigns and asked them in the comments section to give their golden arches a new twist.

Watch the hilarious video below:

The McDonald’s account wrote: “I need a new logo plz, graphic design is my passion.”

Like all of Emily’s redesigns, she starts off by giving a fun take on the existing logo. “The latest victim is McDonald’s.

“I don’t think you wanted your logo to be suggestive, but right now, [golden arches] looks like knees to me.

“I don’t want to think about the knees when I eat my McChicken.”

McDonald's loved Emily's design (Photo credit: TikTok / Emily Zugay)
McDonald’s loved Emily’s design (Photo credit: TikTok / Emily Zugay)

She then reveals the new and improved logo, approved by Emily Zugay, with a large gold “O” in the center of the stage. Emily also decided to remove the ‘n’, changing the name of the entire food franchise to ‘McDoalds’.

She explained the inspiration behind her masterpiece in the video, adding, “Instead of emphasizing the ‘M’, I instead emphasized the ‘O’. And I thought it would be a really nice campaign to have onion rings paired well with your new logo.

(Credit: McDonald's / Twitter)
(Credit: McDonald’s / Twitter)
(Credit: McDonald's / TikTok)
(Credit: McDonald’s / TikTok)

McDonald’s appears to approve of the new logo and name change as they showcased Emily’s creation on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

Mcdonalds, or shall we say McdOalds, responded in the comments section of the video on TikTok, writing: “thOnk yOu amOng Os”.

A tweet on the restaurant’s Twitter account read: “Hello, welcome to mcdOalds.”

We’re McLovin ‘the new logo!

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