The real reason Taco Bell just launched its own business school

Taco Bell Business School is a six-week (read: intense) business boot camp focused on teaching restaurant managers and executives everything they need to know about owning a franchise, according to a press release. .

Owning a franchise is one way to become an entrepreneur as well as create a successful financial journey. Kathleen Gosser, Ph.D., executive-in-residence at the University of Louisville College Of Business, said in a May 2021 statement, “Franchising is one of the best routes to entrepreneurship, creating an opportunity to build wealth generational. But generally, franchise owners are male, and there’s not as much diversity as there could be, which Taco Bell hopes to change. “Franchise ownership among underrepresented people of color and women is lower than their representation in the population,” Gosser said in the statement. “Our goal is to uncover and reduce barriers to franchise ownership, starting with education.”

Courses will range from finance to human resources and marketing to entrepreneurial skills with accredited training. Scholarships are available and Taco Bell employees who complete the program will be recognized. Taco Bell Business School starts in February 2022.

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