The potato developed at NDSU is now used for McDonald’s fries

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – The NDSU Department of Agriculture has its fries and can now eat them too.

A potato developed in college is now the star of a McDonald’s meal in the form of fries. The most recent potato added to the list of “approved” potatoes by McDonald’s is the Dakota Russet.

The Dakota Russet was developed at NDSU by associate professor of plant science, Asunta Thompson (pictured above).

The original potato cross was in 1999, with the selected seedling in 2001. The new variety was officially released in 2012 and just became an official McDonald’s potato in 2022.

“It’s a dream come true,” says Asunta Thompson. “Having our russet accepted by McDonald’s for their fries is the gold standard we are all looking for.”

The potato is described as “uniform, [with] blocky tubers, creamy white flesh and golden russet skin that is well suited for frying applications.

According to the NDSU, the potato is perfect for Midwestern growers because it produces consistently high yields in a shorter growing season. The potato is also said to be extremely hardy, showing resistance to several diseases commonly encountered in the crop.

A quality manager at McDonald’s says they spend years testing which potatoes to use in their fries. In a statement, McDonald’s said, “The Dakota Russet delivered excellent appearance, flavor and texture, producing the same great taste our customers love.

The Dakota Russet is already used in McDonald’s stores and sold in the iconic red racks with gold arches. Potato is one of eight varieties the restaurant will accept.

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