The McDonald’s hack that can save you 50% on your order every time

As we move into the New Year, many are looking to start with good old-fashioned resolutions.

And saving a few cents in 2022 might be high on the list for some of us.

Whether it’s cutting back on your weekly purchases or removing a some luxuries of budget, there are many ways to control your spending.

But one route might be unknown to most and has been kept secret for some time.

If you’ve been craving a cheeky McDonald’s before you jump into a health boost this year, then you can feel a little less guilty about it with a simple hack.

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You can get 50% off with this special hack

The popular fast food franchise offers a 50% discount for those who use their 12-digit code.

When ordering at Yellow Arches, you will need a receipt issued within the last 60 days by McDonalds for any purchase.

At the bottom of the receipt is a unique 12-digit code.

If you enter the code on the survey website of the fast food company, McDonalds Food for Thoughts, you will need to take a quick survey.

Once you have shared your impressions of the foods you have purchased, you will receive a five-digit code.

With this code you can use it as a voucher to take advantage of the 50 percent discount.

Whether you order a single McFlurry or a double cheeseburger, you can cut the price of your order in half.

Fortunately for McDonalds enthusiasts, there is no limit to the number of times you can take the survey for the rebate.

So if you’re not yet ready to start the New Years diet, then thinking about a thrifty burger might just be the first step.

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