The “lie” that McDonald’s employees always tell you

A former McDonald’s employee has lifted the lid on the common lie he says is constantly used by those who work for the fast food giant.

Scottish man Jay Rowley took to social media to reveal what really happens behind the scenes where customers place an order.

In his last video he claimed to reveal the real reason why so many customers can’t seem to get ice cream and milkshakes late at night and into the wee hours of the morning.

Speaking to TikTok, he said: “Usually when you go to McDonald’s between midnight and 3am you really choke on a milkshake or an ice cream and they say ‘the milkshake machine isn’t working'”, did he declare.

“I’ll tell you what’s really going on there and I got my hands on it, I did it all the time.”

He explained that working the night shift can be stressful due to understaffing and many tasks to complete.

He often said that he had to play three or four different roles at the same time.

But there was one particular job that everyone hates doing.

“When I was doing the counter, I had a helmet, I took orders and sometimes I was in the kitchen trying to clean the front,” he explained.

“The shake machine was also ab *****d to clean. Once it was clean, you didn’t want to clean it again.”

Describing when a milkshake order would arrive, Jay added: ‘You would normally get that pause and then ‘sorry the milkshake maker isn’t working’.

“Bulls**t, they just cleaned it and they don’t want to clean it again.

“I did it all the time. If I was drive-thru, you didn’t get a milkshake or ice cream.

“The worst was around 2am, even when it was quiet and the other person had the headset on, you could talk to each other and I would still be the worst for it.”

“I would say ‘serve the milkshake and you clean it up.’

“You would wait… ‘sorry, our milkshake maker isn’t working at the moment.’

“Do us all a favor the next time you go to McDonald’s at night and they try to tell you that fucking excuse isn’t working.

“Tell them you know the real reason and you need to make your milkshake.”

The theory has been around for a while and it is believed that they are a beast to clean and therefore easier to clean only once instead of multiple times.

Another theory is that when the machine breaks down, Macca franchisees are forced to pay exorbitant service and repair costs, causing them to go long periods of time without it.

Ice cream machines also have to go through a four-hour cleaning cycle, according to a former McDonald’s employee, who told the Wall Street Journal in 2017 that they were “miserable” to use.

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