The Benefits of Being an Apprentice at McDonald’s – and How to Apply

Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to learn all about the hospitality industry from one of the most successful restaurant chains in the world – and make a lot of money at the same time?

You will gain hands-on work experience and learn new skills that will last a lifetime. These include planning and organizing, communication, trusting customer relationships, decision making and teamwork.

If you are 16 years of age and over and have left or are leaving school, the McDonald’s Apprenticeship Program could be for you – you’ll just need to be eager to learn, have a professional demeanor, and be good at juggling work and study.

Do you have what it takes to be a staff member at McDonald’s?

The McDonald’s Apprenticeship Program lasts at least 12 months and gives you the opportunity to acquire a Host Team Member Apprenticeship (Level 2).

This is a nationally recognized qualification equivalent to five GCSE grade A * -C (level 4-9) / Scottish Standard Grade or National 4/5.

We spoke to Beata Edwards, 30, who completed her apprenticeship at McDonald’s and has since gone from a crew member to a second assistant manager.

Beata has lived in Bristol since 2008 after moving from Poland to the UK.

She completed her first apprenticeship program in 2011 when she obtained her Level 2 qualification and since then she has completed her Level 3 qualifications and is currently in the process of completing her Level 4 apprenticeship.

“I worked at McDonald’s for over 12 years and went from a crew member to a second assistant manager.

“My very first learning program I decided to finish due to the English and Math qualification you might get for it. As English is not my first language, it was important for me to have recognized qualifications here in the UK.

“I have decided to take level 3 and level 4 apprenticeships to better understand the hospitality industry, gain more experience in managing my team and obtain better qualifications that will help me in my role as manager. assistant manager. “

What do you like about working with McDonald’s?

Flexible working hours are very important to me, with two school age children I can still work full time. Of course, working with my team is especially important to me, we have a very diverse team in our stores and to see it all come together is amazing to watch and I am privileged to be a part of it.

I also love to see people grow within the company, it always gives me a sense of satisfaction to help this person achieve something so important to them!

Would you recommend it to others and if so, why?

Working at McDonald’s is definitely not your average 9 to 5 hour job! Not all days are the same and working with an amazing group of people makes things even better. Having an apprenticeship program in place is also an amazing addition, as you can gain qualifications while working, but your pay rates don’t go down.

There are many benefits to working for McDonald’s, including free meals and flexible hours.

How is a typical day as an apprentice?

As an apprentice, we have monthly meetings with our tutors, as well as monthly learning days where we can meet other apprentices from other restaurants in the franchise and share ideas, knowledge and ask for support. help if needed. We need to complete all of our work defined by our coaches, attend webinars and online courses.

As part of my regular job in the restaurant, I have the opportunity to use the knowledge and put it into practice in many areas of the business – be it recruiting new members of the company. team, to set up training to develop the team or to study the finances of the company with my director. I’m also getting involved in creating the business strategy this year which is exciting to be a part of the restaurant’s future.

Are there any particular advantages at work?

There are many benefits for all of our employees, paid time off at very competitive rates of pay. As an apprentice I get my normal salary for my work and get a qualification in my working time.

We also have employee discounts from many big name retailers, including savings on your weekly grocery store and discounted employee meals when you’re not working, but I think the biggest benefit is a free lunch during your shift!

More benefits for apprentices at McDonald’s:

  • Nationally recognized diplomas
  • NUS and Oyster discounts
  • A chance to gain knowledge, skills and confidence
  • A better understanding of hospitality
  • Support from expert trainers
  • Online Resources
  • Learn while you earn
  • Career progression

Feel like part of a big family at McDonald’s

Are there any specific challenges you have overcome in fulfilling your role or advice you would give to others who are successful?

Definitely, Covid-19 and containment have been the biggest challenge of my entire career at McDonald’s. Everything suddenly stopped and it was difficult to get used to the “new normal”.

I was super excited to get back to work after a few months sitting at home, it was good to see my colleagues again and serve our customers again. My advice to others would be not to be afraid to ask for more! McDonald’s loves people who show potential and want to grow!

Do you think people have a misconception about working for McDonald’s and if so what is it really like?

In my opinion, some people think that you will end up working for McDonald’s if you don’t do well in school, but that is far from true. I’ve worked with people who have degrees but still choose to work for McDonald’s because it’s a really great place to work.

The feeling of belonging is something that is present on a daily basis, we are like a big McDonald’s family! McDonald’s has very competitive pay rates, if you’re over 18 you start making £ 9.50 an hour!

There are also lots of opportunities to progress

What are your aspirations for your future at McDonald’s?

My current goal is to complete my level 4 apprenticeship. I hope to be able to complete the level 6 apprenticeship, but with two children of primary school age it will have to wait a little longer before I can take this up. challenge.

Even after 12 years, I still love my job and am very excited to see where it will take me!

What is the application process?

Step 1: Click “search for jobs” to apply now and search for your relevant zip code. Choose a position and fill out an online form (it takes about half an hour).

2nd step: If McDonald’s likes what it reads, you will be invited for an interview with its training partner, Lifetime Training, to assess your eligibility and suitability for the apprenticeship program.

Step 3: If you match the criteria, McDonald’s will invite you to the restaurant to try and work with the team and for a meeting with the manager.

Step 4: If all goes well, you will be offered an apprenticeship.

To learn more about apprenticeships at McDonald’s and how to apply, visit the site here and to find out more about current job offers, visit the site here.

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