Taco Bell’s New Menu Item Goes Big (Take That Wendy’s)

Taco Bell never stops innovating. This leads to unique ideas like a taco with a fried chicken shell, and it has led to countless product iterations involving Doritos.

It’s a seemingly small innovation – the Doritos Locos Taco – that hasn’t just appeared in dozens of variations of the Yum! The brand chain menu, but has also inspired articles like Restaurant Brands International (RSQ) – Get Restaurant Brands International Inc report Mac ‘N Cheetos, plus a variety of other Cheetos menu items.

So, you can thank (or blame) Taco Bell for the proliferation of snacks that find their way into various fast food dishes. You can also credit Taco Bell for doing limited time offers (LTOs), specials, something that happens at an incessant pace.

OLTs are not new to fast food. McDonald’s (MCD) – Get McDonald’s Corporation report and Burger King have been using them regularly since the 1980s, but Taco Bell has picked up the pace. It looks like the Mexican fast food chain has a new product or offering in a testing phase at almost any time.

Now Taco Bell has tried a new offering, and it’s sort of an extreme version of something Wendy’s did.

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Taco Bell is getting big, Wendy’s is getting big

Rising ingredient prices have forced fast-food chains to reconsider their offerings. McDonald’s has long struggled with this – how to balance low prices and make money on what you sell – and Wendy’s recently tackled the same issue by downgrading its most popular offering.

Basically, Wendy’s limited the choice in the 4 for $4 to a Jr. Cheeseburger, where before you could swap it out for a double or even a chicken sandwich. And while the basic 4 for $4 remains on the menu, the chain has pushed the choice of sandwiches in its $5 Biggie Bag.

Wendy’s move may not be popular with its clientele, but it was a smart solution to a price issue. Now Taco Bell has its own version of the Biggie Bag, but it costs $10 and it’s for two people.

What does Taco Bell do?

Taco Bell tested a $10 “food cravings meal,” according to Brand Eating.

“The $10 Cravings meal for 2 includes 2 Chalupas, 2 beefy 5-layer burritos, 2 fries and cheese, and 2 large fountain drinks. It’s basically a doubled version of what you’d typically get in the one of their $5 My Cravings Box, which basically seems to be trying to see if people will buy it in one pack instead of two boxes,” the food website shared.

Offer is currently only available for a limited time at select Kansas City, MO area locations. The channel is also testing a Luxury meals for 2 at the same locations. It includes 2 Steak Chalupas, 2 Burrito Supremes, 2 Chips & Cheese and 2 large fountain drinks,” the site added.

Marketing a meal for two seems like a way for Taco Bell to encourage people to eat together or, perhaps more realistically, a way to sell a lot of food to one person. It’s a unique idea that takes what Wendy’s has done and makes it even more of a perceived value (although there’s nothing stopping you from buying multiple Biggie Bags).

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