Suspect killed by Mesa police after shooting at McDonald’s

Mesa police officials have released additional information regarding a fatal police shooting that occurred in the early morning hours of February 17.

The shooting occurred near Alma School and Main Street, and the suspect, since identified as 32-year-old Ringo Van Winkle, was pronounced dead in hospital.

According to officials, a Mesa police officer was monitoring a camera system around 2:43 a.m., and while monitoring he saw two men, one of whom was Van Winkle, who appeared to be in some sort of altercation of argument in the parking lot of a convenience store.

“The officer kept the camera on Van Winkle as he stood near the bus stop. After a few moments, Van Winkle can be seen running through the intersection firing multiple bullets from the handgun” , reads part of the statement. Investigators said they did not know who or what he was shooting.

After the shooting, investigators say Van Winkle returned to the sidewalk in front of the convenience store, and when the first officer arrived on the scene, he contacted Van Winkle, and shortly after that officer fired his gun, hitting Van Winkle, who then fell to the ground.

“When additional officers arrived, a less lethal bean bag was deployed to obtain Van Winkle’s compliance. Officers then tactically approached Van Winkle to take him into custody. Approaching Van Winkle, he did not obey verbal orders. At this point, an officer deployed a taser, while another officer fired his service weapon at Van Winkle,” read part of the statement.

Officials say no officers were injured in the incident.

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