Stoke: McDonald’s apologizes after mom finds snail in burger

Britney Johnson almost ate the snail because she thought it was a crumb (Photo: BPM Media)

A mortified mum has been reimbursed for the cost of her £ 18 McDonald’s order after finding a snail in one of the meals.

Britney Johnson, her partner and their two young daughters ordered
two dishes of chicken steak, a happy meal of chicken nuggets and a
small packet of cheese dips from the Festival Park drive-thru in Stoke on
December 20.

They pulled over to eat when Britney says she made the sinister discovery.

The 22 year old, from Sneyd Green, said: “I was breaking my burger
into small pieces – and because of that, I thought it was a crumb in my burger box. I picked it up and realized it was a bit hard on my fingers. I looked at him and saw a shell.

“I was like ‘oh my god that’s a snail’. I couldn’t believe what I was
seeing. I was like “am I seeing things”?

‘I was shocked. I almost ate it because I thought it was a crumb. I don’t know if it came from lettuce.

The snail discovered by Britney Johnson

Britney said the grim discovery had kept her away from McDonald’s (Photo: BPM MEDIA)

“We were parked in the parking lot, so I told my partner to come in and tell them what happened.”

The family of four said staff apologized and offered a full refund as well as a replacement.

But Britney, a mother of two, said the grim discovery kept her away from McDonald’s.

She said: ‘I was mortified. I eat a fair amount of McDonald’s – and that put me off. Fortunately, it was in my meal and I noticed it.

“But imagine it was my little girl. Imagine if I had given it to my 11 month old baby.

“You never believe it until you see it for yourself. You hear all these stories and think it doesn’t happen.

Britney johnson

McDonald’s apologized to family and provided a full refund (Photo: BPM MEDIA)

“When I walked in they were so sorry and said they would get him fired. They asked us if we wanted a refund and replacement. I said I would get the refund but not the replacement.

“We got our money back for the entire order. The man was adorable and
couldn’t be sorry anymore. I was glad I was reimbursed. They could not
were more helpful.

In a statement, McDonald’s said “the safety and quality of food is of the utmost importance” to the company.

A McDonald’s spokesperson added, “We place great importance on quality control and follow rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections.

“As soon as this was brought to our attention, our catering team apologized and the customer was offered a full refund and the option of a replacement meal.”

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