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The RIW Newsletter provides the essential weekly inspiration for every changemaker driving innovation in retail and across the customer experience journey. This week, we’re sharing ideas around take advantage of NFT technology to smart buyer engagementthe future of augmented reality mobile-first activations and experiencesand the end of the season hoodies shoppers bring their uptown style.

How NFTs are “undermining” the future of buyer engagement
Technology associated with NFTs enables faster innovation, more evolved customer experiences, and helps companies rethink how they market and sell their goods and services, as well as engage their communities. In fact, rThe researchers behind PSFK’s latest playbook for retailers say tokenization will drive the future of interactions between shoppers and retailers.

ASICS Move to Earn program gamifies fitness with crypto rewards
Developed in partnership with lifestyle company Web3 STEPN, Asics’ Move to Earn initiative rewards NFT owners with crypto bonuses for their step count. Read more

Autograph’s exclusive NFTs connect sports legends and their fans
Counting the NFL’s Tom Brady as co-founder and co-president, Autograph’s NFT platform creates bespoke digital collections and experiences featuring some of the world’s most legendary athletes and performers. Read more

FOX’s Blockchain Creative Labs Launches Groundbreaking Web3 Series
Dan Harmon, the creator of hit shows Rick and Morty and Community, is producing an innovative animated series that will be hosted entirely on the blockchain, called Krapopolis. PSFK

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Augmented reality-based commerce fits in the palm of buyers’ hands
As mobile technology advances, retailers that take advantage of next-generation hardware and software capabilities can create a more seamless and engaging experience by fully integrating mobile-first activations into their retail ecosystem. From Instagram and Spotify turning their mobile apps into NFT storefronts, to Apple rolling out a touchless, hardware-less POS on new iPhones, smartphones are getting smarter – and the future of commerce increasingly fits into the palms of buyers’ hands.

The future of AR is smartphone AR
Researchers at Brown University believe augmented reality on smartphones will become ubiquitous in the near future and have created an open-source mobile hand-object interaction library for mobile apps, with no additional hardware needed. The library helps turn any phone into an augmented reality portal, allowing users to transcend the real world and move virtual objects with their hands. Portal-ble

Stranger Things x Dominos app lets users order pizza with their ‘mind’
Domino’s has developed a one-of-a-kind “mind control” app as part of an immersive promotion for Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” Innovative technology locates a consumer’s “facial plane” in 3D space to calculate movements, which, when combined with an eye-tracking feature, allows users to complete commands by making certain expressions and head movements. Press release

Klarna launches virtual shopping feature for retailers
The app-based tool directly connects shoppers with experts through videos and live messages, creating a more immersive and engaging shopping experience. Already live with more than 300 brands, including Levi’s and Hugo Boss, Klarna recently made the feature available worldwide to its more than 400,000 retail partners. Press release

AR game puts football fans in the shoes of Paul Pogba
Pepsi and Pizza Hut have developed a mobile AR game called “Score with Pogba” that lets users play as soccer star Paul Pogba as he dribbles and slides around obstacles to get Pepsi and Yum! Brand points. Press release

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Buyers dress up and go to town
The fashion for sweatpants has passed, with consumers rediscovering the joy of dressing up. The things shoppers have browsed and purchased suggest an imminent return to outlet wear, as consumers reclaim travel, nightlife and all the “look your best” social outlets they’ve been cut off from over the past few years. last two years.

Guests dress to go out
The old school style of “downtown New York” is making a comeback, with the return of dress codes in the dining room of the restaurant. And it’s not just in Manhattan: Several new restaurants across the country have opened with policies on expected dress. For their part, consumers are taking the opportunity to dress up. NY Times

Bringing glamor back to travel
The Washington Post writes about the importance of looking your best while traveling, especially in a context where everything in the world seems more “depraved”. Not to mention that airline agents are more likely to upgrade better-dressed travellers. WaPo

After more than 28 months of slippers, heels are making a comeback
High heels provide a much-needed dose of glamour, turning any outfit into a beautiful outfit. As consumers react to pent-up demand for outlets, searches for high heels are increasing month on month and providing a window into the prevailing mindset. The face

“Resort-wear” is on the rise Vogue reports on how major luxury brands are promoting their resort clothing lines, hoping to win sales from wealthy shoppers eyeing big occasions or those with flashy travel plans coming this summer. vogue

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