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Hip-hop artist Saweetie collaborated with McDonald’s to create his own Saweetie meal. The rapper’s signature meal launched on August 9, about three months after the famous McDonald’s and BTS collaboration. Saweetie’s meal includes a Classic Big Mac, 4 Piece Chicken Mcnuggets, Fries and a Sprite. The meal also includes a variation of the popular Sweet ‘N Sour dipping sauce called “Saweetie’ N Sour”, the only item with personalized packaging.

In addition to the meal, Saweetie also collaborated with Mcdonalds on “Saweetie Saweetstakes,” which includes a chance to win two limited-edition Brandon Blackwood handbags and a five-day trip to Vegas with two VIP tickets to a concert of Saweetie. . Anyone who orders the Saweetie meal through the McDonald’s app is eligible.

One of the main promotions of the Saweetie meal is to “remix” the meal in different ways. McNuggets replacing the patty on the Big Mac, fries replacing the bun, gravy as a garnish, patties with fries in between, “seriously, anything” as written on a promotional remix poster. Saweetie even says “as long as you do it yourself, you make a Saweetie meal”, and reviews and memes have poured in.

The Saweetie Meal and Saweetie Saweetstakes will only be available until September 5. Head to your nearest Mcdonalds to try a meal like the Ice Queen herself before it’s too late!

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