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Dirty tackles huge fast food chains with its platform that best adapts for you, digitally native fast food brands (QSRs). The Los Angeles-based company gobbled up $ 4 million in start-up funding to continue building brands.

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Salted’s platform enables digital restaurants first to evolve while maintaining consistency and product quality for delivery and take-out through its proprietary “smart kitchens” software that combines data entry and camera technology to gather information on order picking and accuracy, as well as to provide recommendations. to the kitchen teams in real time.

“We like to say that we are the Yum! Brands for the digital age, ” Jeff Appelbaum, Founder and CEO of Salted told Crunchbase News. “We are in a unique position to create such ubiquitous brands and for customers who care about the quality of the food they put in their bodies.”

Kamine Development Corp. led the investment and was joined by Craft companies, Valor Equity Partners, Proof Ventures and Wonder Ventures. Since Salted was founded in 2014, it has already raised a few small rounds to reach total funding of $ 9 million, Appelbaum said.

Michael tam, a partner at Craft Ventures, is also based in Los Angeles and had met Appelbaum a few years ago.

“He has a reputation for being a top operator,” Tam said in an interview. “We were the first investors in cloud kitchens and saw this opportunity early on; the same opportunity that Salted seizes for virtual brands. “

Salted Analytics screenshot

Since Salted was founded seven years ago, there have been a few iterations, including an online cooking school. The emphasis on providing healthy QSRs and $ 325 billion food delivery space came about three years ago, Appelbaum said.

The new funding will be used to fuel this growth and invest in technology. It expects to be in 80 other places, like Florida, by the end of 2022. Appelbaum is also entering markets that don’t traditionally have access to healthier food.

“What’s more exciting is entering markets where the healthy options right now are a salad to Mcdonalds or one Subway sandwich, ”he added.

The company’s brands include moon bowls, califlower pizzas and lulubowls, which serve everything from cultural cuisine to pizza and salads. They serve food in 17 locations, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Columbus, Ohio – the fastest market in Salted to reach a production rate of $ 1 million, according to Appelbaum – across 500 storefronts.

Appelbaum says the next steps boil down to expansion by “stepping on the accelerator 10x-ing whatever we do,” he said. This means continuing to create brands that range from regional favorites to national brands.

Additionally, Salted launched its first brick-and-mortar storefront, under its moonbowls brand, in Los Angeles earlier this year, Appelbaum said.

“We saw an opportunity to build these brands, the data and the technology, and it became a matter of copy and paste,” he said. “We plan to open more kitchens and launch more brands. We have grown 150% since last year, doubled our locations and achieved strong growth in all of them. “

Featured photo of moon bowls and inset screenshot courtesy of Salted.
Illustration of the blogroll: Li-Anne Dias

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