Rival restaurants collide in Marlborough

MARLBOROUGH — Hamburger giant McDonald’s Corp. has agreed to settle a lawsuit he filed last fall against Marlborough City Council after a special permit was granted to Raising Cane’s, a chicken fingers chain which aims to open a restaurant near a Square containing McDonald’s at Boston Post Office Road.

last fall: City council approves special permit

Raising Cane’s, a Louisiana-based franchise with a single restaurant in northern Virginia – in Boston – received special permit from the city council in September to build a restaurant and operate a drive-thru at 141 Boston Post Road West (Route 20 ).

last spring: Marlborough Eyes Chicken Finger Chain for Restaurant

McDonald’s opposed the decision, saying that under the permit granted by the city, all Raising Cane customers would pass through McDonald’s aisles. The burger chain then sued the city council for providing the permit.

McDonald’s lawyers alleged that the proposed arrangement would interfere with traffic at their business. For corrective purposes, they requested five site traffic improvements; however, Raising Cane would only have accepted two of them.

McDonald’s filed a lawsuit in October, according to court documents. Later records indicate that the two restaurants agreed to a settlement in February.

Lawyers representing McDonald’s and Raising Cane’s did not return calls or emails seeking comment.

Marlborough town solicitor Jason Grossfield said an agreement to dismiss the appeal of the special permit granted by the town council was forthcoming.

“However, the city was not party to any private agreement that may have been made between Raising Cane’s and McDonald’s,” he told the Daily News.

Special conditions of the permit

There are several conditions for the special permit received by Raising Cane’s. They do not include overnight parking; install loudspeaker systems that reduce noise; constructing and operating the restaurant in accordance with building codes and regulations established by the city and state; and that an area of ​​green space and impenetrable surfaces must remain the same or the business will have to return to the city council for approval.

Learn more about Raising Cane’s

Todd Graves founded Raising Cane’s in 1996. Its first location opened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and today Raising Cane’s has restaurants in over 25 states.

The restaurant boasts of “quality chicken meals” according to its menu. It also includes crinkle fries, coleslaw, and a variety of sauces.

The area of ​​Marlborough that Raising Cane is looking to tap into is already booming with restaurants.

Across the street near the Apex Center is Chick-fil-A and Mochiko Hawaiian Fried Chicken. The area also has other fast food restaurants including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Wendy’s, and Jersey Mike’s Subs.

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