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America and McDonald’s are linked. America’s quintessential fast-food chain, to many inside and outside the United States, McDonald’s epitomizes “American food.” With over 13,000 restaurants across the United States, it are more McDonald’s than there are hospitals in this country.

With such a presence in the United States, it is natural that it influences our lives. Culturally, socially and economically, McDonald’s is everywhere, whether we like it or not. Nevertheless, the fast food chain leaves a deep impact on American politics, much like “American food”.

Just as McDonald’s simplified and industrialized food efficiency, so too has American policy ‘oversized’ into incompetent operations. Rather than passing landmark legislation or helping people – as last seen in the 1960s with the Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, etc. – the United States today fails to solve anything and only provides the minimum necessary to support society.

Similar to McDonald’s, politicians serve shoddy politics to the American people. Moreover, current presidents share more with McDonald’s executives than their predecessors — nor does President Joe Biden. Although daily expectations are met, everything else served by the president is cheap, too little, too late or not provided.

In the same vein as the broken ice cream machine, the United States is also broken with Biden as the current head of McDonald’s.

Mishandling or neglecting crises, constantly making you question what they’re doing (and why they’re not solving the “simple things”), and failing to serve quality politics (or any other politics), Joe Biden leads the United States as its “Chief McManager.”

This is not to criticize productive working class managers. However, for those who complicate the lives of their employees, the comparison is justified.

Before his inauguration, Biden stumbled upon his first “McManager-in-Chief” moment. Campaigning for then-Senate candidates Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, Biden promised Georgians (and Americans) have $2,000 stimulus checks coming “immediately” in its upcoming COVID-19 relief package.

Two months later, Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 which delivered $1,400 checks to Americans – $600 less than the aforementioned $2,000.

Democrats defended the $1,400 arguing it was associated with President Trump’s latest stimulus package of $600 for a total of $2,000. However, through the bureaucratic shenanigans and resistance of Conservative-Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, Biden lack to fulfill his administration’s first pledge of $2,000 checks.

Poverty in the United States has increased in recent years amid the debilitating COVID-19 pandemic. According to World Economic Forumthe COVID-19 recession “may have widened the gap between rich and poor” and further punished the poor who “find it harder to bounce back”.

The group also reports that 11.4% of Americans live in poverty – nearly 40 million people – a statistic exasperated by the effect of the pandemic on American livelihoods. Plus, the stat doesn’t factor in the countless other working classes who live paycheck to paycheck as a cost of living. increased.

Although $1,400 is better than no stimulus, Biden’s failure to deliver on his first promise reflects a McDonald’s manager’s failure to run a structured and engaging workplace.

The difference between $1,400 and $2,000 is astronomical: a month’s rent, a bill, or any additional living costs could be covered with the extra $600. Yet without the mere thought of delivering on his promise, Biden has served Americans cheaply.

Another Biden misstep is neglecting to maintain the child tax credit. As part of Biden’s bailout, credit Safe children out of poverty and enabled lower class families to make ends meet. Journalist Joan E. Greve describe the checks as “a lifeline for many families struggling to recover financially from the pandemic.”

According to NPR, checks hit 61 million children and reduced monthly child poverty by 30%. A “lifeline for many families,” no rational person would drop this stunning policy — unless that person was the presidential director of McDonald’s too confused to rally support in Congress and expand controls.

Since it expired in January – due to a deadlock in Congress – Greve reports that “3.7 million additional American children were experiencing poverty… The increase was disproportionately high among black and Latino children.”

As the “child tax credit machine breaks down,” Biden offers his words of support and honesty. In March, Biden frankly submitted“I’m struggling to get it through again – and that’s the child tax credit.”

While the honesty is refreshing, the franchise is nothing more than a McDonald’s manager telling you he stopped serving breakfast at 11 a.m. You arrived expecting breakfast, but the best you can do now is shrug your shoulders and debate what’s next.

Speech after speech, Biden continually invokes the bailout as his presidential magnum opus. Nevertheless, the plan was sign in March of last year; today, many of its actions require renewal or additional funding. With no substantial prosecution in sight, Americans are suffering while Washington delivers little.

The steps for Biden to escape his destiny of being the next “Chief McManager” are simple: do something. Rather than giving the same speech about a plan adopted last year and ignoring the “broken ice cream machine”, get to work. Americans cannot survive on “oversized” inefficiency: fix the machine and serve quality to Americans.

Nathaniel is a junior at LAS.

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