Readers share their views on Wrexham McDonald’s parking issues

READERS have had their say over parking issues near a fast food restaurant in central Wrexham.

The road, which runs alongside the McDonalds restaurant in Regent Street, has become a safety issue due to the high number of fast food delivery drivers who have ‘occupied’ the road since the covid-19 pandemic, despite the establishment of Parking Restrictions.

Inspector Hughes and PC Hughes-Jones also said the situation had caused clashes between members of the public and delivery drivers over parking.

McDonald’s said the concerns would be looked into urgently and Just Eat said it was “happy to work with the relevant authorities to help resolve this issue”.

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Readers took to our Facebook page to give their thoughts on the matter.

Chad AJ said “I shouldn’t park there – end!”

Julie Jones posted: “I have a business on this road and watching the chaos every day of people trying to turn around is unreal!

“How there weren’t more bumps between cars or injured people is a nightmare.

“If I want to approach my business in the car just to drop off stuff, sometimes there’s no point in trying.”

McDonalds and, inset, PC Sarah Hughes-Jones and Insp Luke Hughes” alt=”The Chef: Egerton Street and McDonalds and, inset, PC Sarah Hughes-Jones and Insp Luke Hughes” class=”editor-image”/>Egerton Street and McDonalds and, inset, PC Sarah Hughes-Jones and Insp Luke Hughes

Ian O’Keefe said: ‘Have to move as the parking there is terrible, especially after locking down the small road behind which should have been used as a drive-thru option.

Mikey Pemberton posted: “The alley at the back of McDonald’s should have been turned into an exit and made it an entrance, an exit.

“But as far as parking, you’re not even allowed to park there to go to McDonald’s because the traffic cops keep trying to ticket you, so as a fast food place, this is not really a good design because there is no parking lot.”

Trish Salisbury said: “King Street or Duke Street are the same – double yellow lines and parked all the time.”

Steve Williams posted: “This should have been fixed a long time ago.”

Ruth Thomas added: “Finally. Very dangerous for pedestrians.”

Wrexham Council also announced they would meet Inspector Hughes to discuss the concerns.

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