Pudu Robotics enters McDonald’s locations in Slovenia, further expanding its footprint in Europe

End of 2021, McDonald’s Slovenia began phasing dozens of Pudu’s BellaBot robots into the workforce, with the goal of helping restaurant staff serve and deliver food as well as perform other tasks. The video of BellaBot delivering food at McDonald’s has gone viral on TikTok, with millions of views worldwide.

The global restaurant industry is currently experiencing significant consolidation, as the pandemic is raising concerns among restaurant owners and leading many to rethink their relationship with their restaurant environment. Expectations for health and safety conditions have increased exponentially. With these concerns in mind, McDonald’s Slovenia decided to use AI-powered food delivery robots. In addition to lower cost and increased efficiency, “hiring” the robots also reduced person-to-person interaction and, therefore, the risk of virus transmission. This decision has proven to be a win-win, with added convenience for customers and accelerating the evolution of the brand into the smart dining ecosystem.

Moreover, BellaBot, serving as a concrete example of the new intelligent business model, has also engaged in multiple tourism promotion campaigns launched by the government of Slovenia and its tourist offices.

Since the beginning of the year, Pudu Robotics has signed agreements with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company to Jordanthe Metro group media market, from Japan Skylark Group, Shell Poland and other well-known international brands. To date, Pudu Robotics has shipped over 40,000 of its robots worldwide. Pudu Robotics’ presence, expanded from the food service industry to cleaning, sanitizing and construction services, is expected to increase the company’s user base and pave the way for the creation of robots that both improve productivity human and the quality of daily life according to customer demands.

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