Pokémon fans make first and second generation Game Boy cartridge keycaps

A talented Pokémon fan makes custom keycaps modeled on Game Boy cartridges for first and second generation Pokémon games.

A clever Pokemon fan has designed custom keycaps based on Game Boy cartridges from the first two generations of games. Nintendo’s long-running and long-running JRPG series has gathered legions of fans since it took the world by storm in the mid-90s, resulting in plenty of creative fan art and personalized tributes to the over the years.

Some talented Pokemon fans drew Halloween-themed versions of their favorite creatures like Bulbasaur, created 3D latte art of the spooky Gengar, and even designed their own custom Pokémon to serve as alternate evolutions to Eevee or cover creatures for a hypothetical third episode of Pokemon Sword and Shield Games. Others have assembled the original 150 Pokémon into a colorful tapestry, knitted cute crochet dolls of each Pokémon for charity, and sculpted lifelike models of iconic Pokémon like Mewtwo as they weave their way out of themselves. . Pokemon cards.

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Yesterday, Reddit user Bad Perspective4498 posted some pictures of their custom made Pokemon keycaps to various subreddits, including r / game. These caps are inspired by Game Boy cartridges for Red And Blue Pokémon and second generation titles Pokémon Gold and Silver, and according to IllPerspective4498, it took them three days to sculpt and paint. Fans in the comments section praised the work of IllPerspective4498, with some asking for another image of one of the keys mounted on a keyboard and others joking that they wouldn’t want to use them for fear that ‘they are not ruined.

Pokemon Custom Keycaps 2

All year Nintendo celebrated PokemonAt 25 yearse anniversary, which got fans all over the world to tell about their different experiences in the world of Pokemon and pay homage to the franchise that has captivated a generation of gamers. Additionally, The Pokémon Company has made several major Pokemon game announcements for exciting titles like Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon, and companies like Oreo and McDonalds have released delicious Pokemon related promotions. Finally, great musical talents like Katy Perry and Post Malone have collaborated on Pokémon 25: the album, with an evening of listening live to the compilation online a few weeks ago.

Customized IllPerspective4498 Pokemon keycaps are a cute and colorful tribute to the first two Pokemon generations, perfectly capturing the look of the Game Boy cartridges that spawned so many sequels and spinoffs in the two and a half decades since their first release. Pokemon has come a long way since Red and blue launch in 1998, and with the many new games that Nintendo is said to have in the works for the next two years, including a Pokemon A game allegedly leaked by the developer, the franchise that inspired gamers to “catch them all” doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This of course means fans like IllPerspective4498 should get a lot of inspiration for their next big. Pokemon fan projects.

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Source: IllPerspective4498 / Reddit

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