Pokemon Fan Art combines Blastoise with Baja Blast

As the Pokemon brand expands for the franchise’s 25th anniversary, a Redditor features a very weird and drastic crossover.

Like most forms of entertainment, video games have a long history of cross-promotional offers that come in many different ways. While some publishers go for promotional prizes like Microsoft’s Xbox Series giveaway and Taco Bell, others come in the form of placing real-world brands in games. In this case, a Pokemon fans took it upon themselves to create a weird promotional image that features a weird and wacky pairing.

Redditor SarasticTacos took to the Pokemon Subreddit for sharing a wild concept of bringing Mountain Dew into the Pokemon world. SarasticTacos shared his vision of “Baja Blastoise” which envisions Squirtle’s final evolution as a radical brand mascot. The design injects both Mountain Dew and Taco Bell into the new form of Blastoise, given that the former is an exclusive flavor for the fast food chain. Instead of its iconic guns, the new Blastoise has “Baja Blast” Mountain Dews as well as upside down sunglasses to keep it “radical”.

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The artwork has become a treat for Redditors who have littered the post with accolades. With a 96% positive vote and over 160 comments, the post even won a Reddit Gold Award alongside many other tags. The comments are filled with fans sharing their support and jokes about the image. Some have even pointed out that the upside down glasses are a perfect fit for Blastoise, as “Sunglasses Squirtle” is a fan favorite variant of the Gen 1 starter.

the Pokemon franchise has never shied away from cross-promotional efforts with various brands, organizations and celebrities. Since 2021 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, it has been a year filled with celebrations across crossovers. Through announcements of major projects, Pokémon GO hosting its own anniversary event and numerous branded deals, The Pokemon Company makes sure Pokemon remains a well known property.

While SarcastTacos’ exclusive Taco Bell flavored Blastoise has new fans, the Pokemon The brand already has an ongoing promotion with another fast food chain that has been a cause of joy and sorrow. Celebrate Pokemon‘s, as well as the ever popular Pokemon A collectible card game, The Pokemon Company has teamed up with McDonald’s for a special Happy Meal toy. All Happy Meals would come with an exclusive Pokemon cards, featuring all of the starters across the generations. However, just like the ordinary Pokemon cards, the demand caused serious problems that forced some McDonalds chains to limit sales of Happy Meal toys to avoid scalping.

So while the “Baja Blastoise” will likely only stick around in the concept stage, it’s still a wacky but charming crossover that no one expected. Although, if there was a promotional form of a beloved Pokemon, it is surely the mascot of the Pikachu franchise who takes it because the electric mouse remains the figurehead of all Pokemon branding options.

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