Pizza Hut launches ‘Italian taco’ as jab at Taco Bell

While we can’t debate the success of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza, America is divided on whether it’s actually pizza. And now Pizza Hut is entering the conversation with a very pointed jab at its competitor.

The Italian delivery chain announced its “Italian Taco” on the same day as the return of T-Bell’s Mexican pizza, Food & Wine reports. Now here’s where the news gets darker. The Italian taco is the exact same pizza…folded in half.

“Feast your eyes and mouth on a taco shell stuffed with classic marinara sauce, mouth-watering melted mozzarella cheese and whatever toppings you choose, from pepperoni to jalapenos,” a Pizza Hut rep told the point of sale, before admitting it’s just “a slice of pizza folded up like a taco.”

If you call something a taco, does that make it a taco? And if you call something a pizza, is it actually a pizza or just a tostada with a trendy name?

“The best part? This almost unbelievable innovation will never run out. The Italian taco is here and forever will be,” the company said. And though it all seems rather fishy, A&W pointed out that the pair of marks are owned by the same parent company, Yum! Trademarks. Is it beef or just a classic marketing stunt? *Sigh.*

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