Order real food at McDonald’s Metaverse Restaurant

Do it your way in the metaverse.

The fast food giant McDonald’s has filed 10 trademark applications that will place McDonald’s restaurants in the metaverse. Not only will you be able to visit a digital version of the Golden Arches, but you will also be able to order popular items such as the Big Mac, a Happy Meal cheeseburger or a McChicken, and have them delivered directly to your home in the real world.

The company, founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald, then bought by Ray Kroc in 1961, plans to create virtual versions of McDonald’s restaurants and their McCafe’s. These digital locations will provide an experience that cannot be replicated in a physical store.

Credit: McDonald’s

The announcement of McDonald’s venture into the metaverse was made on Twitter when trademark attorney Josh Gerben tweeted that the company has filed ten trademark applications stating that it plans to offer “a virtual restaurant featuring real and virtual products” and “to operate a virtual restaurant with home delivery.”

Details of the ten trademark applications that were filed Feb. 4 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are limited. Business Intern also reported that you will be able to buy NFTs, or “McNFTs” as I called them, which you can collect, trade, or sell in exchange for virtual goods.

Forbes also reports that one of the trademarks focuses on entertainment services that would fall under the McDonald’s and McCafe brands, giving the fast-food company the ability to host “live and virtual concerts online.”

Credit: Wal-Mart

Walmart, Nike, and Gap have also begun to establish a presence in the metaverse with their own trademarks.

McDonald’showever, might be the first to create a metaverse where you can order real food and have it delivered to your real home.

Just a day before McDonald’s filed their trademark patents, Panera Bread filed patents for their vision of the metaverse called “Paneraverse”, which would allow you to download virtual foods from their menu which can be used in virtual worlds. . Like the McDonaldverse, you will also be able to purchase NFTs which could be used to purchase real food items from a real restaurant.

Credit: Space Somnium

For McDonald’s, the metaverse opens up new franchise opportunities. Franchising has been a big part of the company’s business since its takeover by Ray Kroc, and with metaverse spaces like Space Somnium selling virtual land, McDonald’s could start grabbing virtual real estate.

For now, the Metaverse is still as fresh as a hot quarter pound with cheese straight off the grill, and it looks like McDonald’s wants you to have it your way in the real world and in the Metaverse.

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