‘Only in Kaitaia’ – Northlander turns heads by ordering McDonald’s on horseback | 1 NEWS

The drive-thru at Kaitaia McDonald’s became a “passenger” for a customer who joined the queue among hundreds of others on his horse.

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The biker entertained drivers stuck in the long line at Kaitaia, desperate for their fix of fast food. Source: Supplied

It was the first day of Covid-19 Alert Level 3 in the city of the Far North with the fast food joint in need of traffic management services as hundreds of cars and a horse scrambled for a Maccas solution with the line winding down the road.

Police were also on standby.

The horse and its rider provided some light entertainment for the long wait; some compared it to the Wild West while others claimed: “Only in Kaitaia”.

On their first day at Alert Level 3, the rider joined the long line of cars. Source: Supplied

The rider is Cypress Leef, an 18 year old local farmer from Kaitaia.

The faithful steed was Spaghetti, which he had had for five years and often rode down the main street.

“I did it for a bit of a laugh, the drive-thru staff were buzzing and everyone was taking pictures,” he told 1 NEWS.

He said he arrived early so only waited 10 minutes to place his order for a Mac Attack and a McMuffin – nothing for the horse – but had to come back twice because her brown take-out bag kept breaking.

“Spaghetti didn’t mind, she’s pretty used to the traffic,” Leef said.

He said Spaghetti is a work horse and helps him on the farm with the cattle.

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