Nothing wrong with loan to V / Line boss, says former head of cleaning company Transclean

“There was nothing in there,” she said on Monday, denying that she was trying to channel the money to Mr. Haritos.

Ms Tsakopoulos also said she saw Mr Haritos on a daily basis and believed that he and his lawyer were following the evidence she presented.

She said Mr. Haritos drove her to the hearings, waited for her at the place where she was testifying and would take her home, according to the investigation.

Commissioner Robert Redlich, QC, advised Ms. Tsakopoulos of the opportunity to discuss her testimony with Mr. Haritos.

“If you want to make it seem like you’re doing your best to just give honest, straightforward evidence, it’s not ideal for you to go through it all the time.”

Earlier today, Ms Tsakopoulos, who oversaw a multi-million dollar contract with V / Line for Transclean, claimed she was doing nothing wrong by loaning Mr Pinder hundreds of thousands of dollars for a deposit on his new home.

The Williamstown home of former V / Line CEO James

Ms Tsakopoulos claimed she arranged the transfer of $ 320,000 to Mr Pinder for a deposit on his $ 2.5 million house in Williamstown in 2019.

It came shortly after Transclean won a contract with V / Line worth up to $ 40 million in 2018.

Ms Tsakopoulos said she loaned Mr Pinder $ 200,000 of her own money and raised $ 120,000 from Transclean boss George Haritos and Alex Kyritsis, who is Mr Haritos’ brother-in-law and co-director of Transclean.

She claimed the money was a “personal loan” from the trio and not from Transclean. The money was transferred to Mr Pinder through various sources, including a sum of $ 100,000 which was channeled through Ms Tsakopoulos’ sister’s account.

Asked by Commissioner Redlich if she was “concerned about the legality or illegality” of the loan, Ms Tsakopoulos replied: “No, I didn’t think I did anything wrong.”

She also denied that Mr. Haritos told her to hide that the money for the deposit came from him or Transclean.

Ms Tsakopoulos, however, said she wrote a ‘false document’ around the time Mr Pinder was buying her house in Williamstown, in which she was posing as her sister and claiming that part of the money she was buying she had loaned to Mr. Pinder was actually his. the money she was returning.

Ms Tsakopoulos was also asked about a series of separate loans Transclean had made to her for apartments she planned to buy in 2016 and 2017.

Former Transclean employee Ms Tsakopoulos received $ 89,000 for a deposit on this Docklands apartment.

Former Transclean employee Ms Tsakopoulos received $ 89,000 for a deposit on this Docklands apartment.

IBAC learned that Ms Tsakopoulos had accepted $ 89,000 from Mr Haritos for a deposit on a Docklands apartment she was planning to purchase in mid-2016. But Ms Tsakopoulos said she didn’t know how she collected the money, or why Transclean was the source of the funds.

In 2017, Ms Tsakopoulos received a separate loan of $ 150,000 from Transclean via a subcontractor for the South Yarra apartment that she ultimately purchased. But she couldn’t remember how or why the money had been transferred to her account.

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