Micheal Martin: Sinn Fein corruption claim leads to ugly scenes in Dail

There were ugly scenes in the Dail on Wednesday as a row over housing turned into accusations of corruption between the Irish Prime Minister and the leader of Sinn Fein.

During Leaders’ Questions, Taoiseach Micheal Martin offered an angry retort after Mary Lou McDonald claimed her party had a “corrupt” historical relationship with the private construction industry.

Mr Martin said: ‘You are the latest party to talk to anyone about corruption. Because your party has corrupted public life in this country for over 40 years to a far greater degree than any other party in this country.

“You have corrupted the moral code of our country and our society, for the murder and the chaos that you have perpetrated and that you still endorse MP, that you still endorse.

“You still support the narrative of murder and mayhem and you also support the undermining of women who were raped by IRA volunteers and your party covered it up.

“So don’t walk into this house and lead with your chin, telling everyone or telling this party that we were corrupt. We had flaws and flaws, there was no doubt about that. But we faced it.

“You are constantly trying to rewrite the narrative and bury the truth about the level of corruption your party is engaging in.”

Ms McDonald hit back at her comments, calling them ‘pathetic’ and shouting ‘Ansbacher’, a reference to the financial scandal that eclipsed Irish politics at the turn of the century.

The barbed wire attacks came as the Sinn Fein leader again took aim at the housing policies of the coalition government, led by the leader of Fianna Fail.

“If there was ever a wholesome story and lesson of Fianna Fail in government, Fianna Fail the party of the Galway tent and the brown envelopes and a warm relationship with the developers, it’s O’Devaney Gardens, look no further. no further,” she said.

The development of O’Devaney Gardens, north of Dublin city, has been a source of political controversy for years and has been mired in delays.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin, who attacked Sinn Fein in the Dail on Wednesday (Brian Lawless/PA)

(PA wire)

Bartra’s deal with Dublin City Council for more than 1,000 homes has repeatedly been a flashpoint in local and national politics, with critics saying private developers are failing to deliver affordable homes in the midst of a housing crisis.

Ms McDonald said: ‘The fiasco at O’Devaney Gardens is a waste of money from the government. The government has been repeatedly warned that this is a bad deal for tenants, for landlords and for the taxpayer.

“You have been warned that sidelining the local authority and offering public land to private developers is a very bad idea. Do you now accept these facts, Taoiseach? »

The fiasco at O’Devaney Gardens is a boondoggle on the government’s part

Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Fein

Mr Martin has repeatedly been forced to defend his government’s flagship policy, housing for all, before the Irish parliament in recent weeks.

He said on housing it is the “Sinn Fein way or the highway”.

Mr Martin said the Government’s approach is “ambitious and has a very strong delivery mechanism to get houses built”.

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