Michael Jordan and Larry Bird went 1-on-1 for a Big Mac in a legendary McDonald’s commercial: “The first to miss watches the winner eat.”

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird are two of the most iconic players in NBA history. Bird was at the top of the NBA when Jordan entered the league in 1984. On top of that, Bird was also responsible for giving Jordan his first playoff losses, as Bird’s legendary Celtics dismantled the Chicago Bulls with ease .

But over time, Jordan established himself as the best player on the planet and rose to the top of the NBA. While Bird eventually retired, having lost a step due to advanced age. But the two had a great relationship, with many viewing Jordan as Bird’s successor as Eastern Conference leader.

Both players were icons during their time in the league together. And whatever they attached their name to instantly gained more notoriety. So it wasn’t a huge surprise that the duo once appeared in a McDonald’s commercial, where they played a weird 1v1 game.

In the commercial, Michael Jordan shows up at a training ground with a Big Mac. Bird offers to play Jordan for the burger and dictates that the first player to miss a shot should watch the other eat the burger.

The two continued to make all of their moves, with each move becoming more ridiculous than the next. The ad ends with them trying to get a shot from the top of the building, showing both how talented they were and how determined they were to win the burger.

Jordan loved McDonald’s, especially its breakfast. Recently, Charles Oakley revealed that Jordan would eat McDonalds every day for breakfast. But he wasn’t the only one. Even Charles Barkley came to work out with a McDonald’s breakfast bag and ate while walking on the elliptical. McDonald’s clearly became the breakfast of champions because Jordan ate it regularly.

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