McDonald’s Yagoona store reopens, 50 years after first restaurant opened

McDonald’s reopens its first Australian store with a flashback to the 1970s. It was the Yagoona store in Sydney that brought the Golden Arches to these shores and on Friday December 17th the memory of that era was rekindled with prizes limited-time retro on the menu.

Celebrating 50 years since the very first Macca’s opened in December 1971, the new McDonald’s Yagoona reduced the burger to its original 20 cents for two hours.

Reflecting the style of the original Yagoona restaurant in its unique decor, the restaurant features a historical timeline, images of the restaurant from 1971, and a Happy Meal toy display with iconic toys from all years.

Andrew Gregory, CEO of McDonald’s Australia, said: “We are incredibly proud to reopen McDonald’s Yagoona and recognize its important part of our history. “

The original restaurant operated from December 1971 to 1994.

McDonald’s Yagoona Original Release

“Everything our customers know and love about McDonald’s Australia started in Yagoona, from Happy Meals and birthdays to first jobs and contributing to the community,” he said.

McDonald’s Yagoona original

“The reopening celebrates 50 years of supporting our customers, individuals and communities in Australia. “

McDonald’s Yagoona represents a $ 5 million investment in the local economy and will create 120 jobs in crew, management, barista and maintenance roles.

“The new restaurant will employ people of all ages and levels of experience, provide a supportive work environment, exceptional training and development opportunities and the flexibility to adapt to any circumstances,” said Gregory .

The fast food giant invests more than $ 40 million annually in training and development initiatives.

“McDonald’s is committed to helping our employees develop their skills and career opportunities within McDonald’s and other industries,” said Gregory.

After opening Yagoona, McDonald’s employs more than 39,000 people in 326 restaurants in New South Wales.

McDonald’s Yagoona 2021

The new restaurant will operate 24 hours a day and will feature a McCafé, two-lane drive-thru, a dedicated delivery partner room and PlayPlace.

In addition to the 20-cent burger, McDonald’s Yagoona will also be selling $ 1 cheeseburgers and $ 2 coffee from December 17 through January 7 as a special and limited shopping promotion for customers.

This story originally appeared in our sister post, Inside Franchise Business Executive.

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