McDonald’s viral award tweet makes Grimace top prize

A tweet from Dan White, co-host of the “Improv is Dead” comedy podcast, has gone viral for revealing a prize of over 6,000 points on the MyMcDonald’s Rewards app.

At nearly 400,000 likes, it’s clear that a lot of people are intrigued by the idea of ​​1,000,000 points allowing them to win a night with Grimace.

Or concerned.

Do points carry over to tax season, because if so …


The app works the way you’d expect a restaurant app to work: buy McDonald’s, earn rewards for getting more McDonald’s, and discover exclusive offers to get enticed to buy more McDonald’s.

This is the circle of life, and we Om Name Name all – with a side of fries.

All rewards are food related, starting at 1,500 for things like a vanilla cone (insert a comment about the cursed ice cream machine here) or McChicken, and up to 6,000 points for big prizes like a Big Mac or a Happy Meal.

There is nothing over 6000 but I will admit going to check the app because honestly it looks like something a business would do. It’s not that far-fetched to think McDonald’s would have a price tag that would take an absurd number of points to hit, nor is it so far-fetched to think it would relate to Grimace, which made headlines this month- this in a way that no one could have seen coming.

Brian Bates, manager of a McDonald’s franchise in Windsor, Canada, was recently named Outstanding Manager of the Year. In an interview, Bates dropped his advice for good management and for overcoming a pandemic. But it was an improvised treat that caught the world’s attention. Bates was asked what exactly Grimace is. Of course, we all know Grimace as the fast food franchise’s sensitive purple mascot, who appears alongside clown Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese, and Hamburglar.

And while Grimace started out as “Evil Grimace,” a four-armed monster that steals shakes and snacks, it was renamed in 1974 as a wacky, good-natured blob. But what exactly is the grimace? According to Bates, “It’s a huge taste bud, but a taste bud nonetheless.”

It would be a good time to add a prank reward to the app. For a moment all people could think of was Grimace was a huge purple taste bud, so much so that McDonald’s played along.

I firmly believe that a business would benefit from a random comment from one of its executives who collectively blew up the internet. Let’s face it, the origin of Grimace is probably going to be added to a “Top Internet Moments of September” chart. I wouldn’t be surprised if the company added something Grimace-themed to their rewards program after that – a purple milkshake, at least?

While some of the responses took “a night with grimace” to mean something sexual (insert Mr. Bison sure gif here), many decided to put the mascot to work (ie the answer “taxes”). There was also an overwhelming number of people revealing how many points they had already used with the app and how, after so many chicken nuggets with their sauce of choice, they weren’t even close to winning. time with Grimace.

I don’t even think the hype for the BTS meal could get anyone to hit a million points.

Someone even shared a nifty chart on the best ways to use your reward points based on point value and your location.

Ultimately, I hope Dan White gets the nuggets he wants. I think he won them over with this viral tweet.

(Photo: McDonald’s)

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