McDonald’s served us fries covered in excrement, NJ family says in lawsuit

A New Jersey woman has filed a lawsuit against a McDonald’s restaurant near her home, claiming that she and her daughter ate French fries covered in human excrement.

Amanda Bordois, 32, of Cumberland County, said in court papers that her husband and daughter bought food in a paper bag on January 13 while driving from the restaurant in the North High Street block in Millville.

Upon their return home, Bordois and his daughter began to eat fries from the bag, which also contained a burger, says the lawsuit, filed April 28 in New Jersey Superior Court.

“After eating fries from the McDonald’s bag, (the kid) reached into the bag and pulled out the burger (and) noticed a brown substance all over the packaging,” the costume says.

At the same time, Bordois “noticed and smelled a horrible smell of the substance on the hamburger,” the costume says.

“To their disbelief and shock, the complainants realized that what they had just ingested was human feces, which touched their fries in the same bag and was all over (the child’s) hand and the hamburger packaging, ”the lawsuit says.

The costume says the child “immediately threw up and washed his hands” as his mother threw away the rest of the food.

Bordois was “nauseous, disgusted and sick that she and her child had just eaten fries while touching the wrapper of the hamburger covered in feces,” the costume says.

The lawsuit claims Bordois tried to call the restaurant on several occasions, but no one answered. She then called Millville Police and an officer came to her home and “observed a wrapped burger covered in excrement.”

The agent went to McDonald’s and informed managers of the situation. Two days later, inspectors from the county health department visited the restaurant and found employees repeatedly violating handwashing practices, according to the lawsuit.

The violations allegedly included employees who did not wash their hands when they arrived at work and after using the washroom. The inspectors would have “observed an employee handling sausages at the cooking line without washing his hands,” said the prosecution.

Both mother and daughter claim to have suffered physical and psychological damage, including emotional distress, loss of appetite, increased anxiety and stomach pain.

They say they were forced to seek treatment because they feared contracting deadly diseases, including hepatitis, norovirus, typhoid, cholera and tapeworms.

The negligence and strict liability lawsuit names McDonald’s and the franchise owner, JDKD Enterprises of Sewell in the canton of Mantua, along with up to 10 anonymous employees.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment. John Durante, the owner of the franchise, told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday that he has yet to receive a copy of the lawsuit, but said the company denies any wrongdoing.

“Serving safe, high-quality food is always our top priority,” Durante said in a statement. “We have taken the appropriate steps to investigate this matter and have not been able to substantiate this claim.”

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