McDonald’s rules you’ll need to follow from today as the restaurant reopens in 1,088 locations

McDonald’s is now reopening 1,088 restaurants in England and Wales for indoor dining – but customers will still need to follow coronavirus safety rules.

It comes as hospitality companies have been allowed to re-welcome customers to eat and drink indoors, as the next step in the non-lockdown roadmap begins today, May 17.

Until now, restaurants and pubs in England and Wales were only allowed to serve customers outside.

In Scotland, hospitality companies can serve people indoors, but only until 8 p.m. and alcohol can only be served outdoors.

McDonald’s already has 97 restaurants open in Scotland for indoor dining.

If you are planning to have your Maccies repaired today, we’ve walked you through the rules you’ll need to follow.

McDonald’s has approximately 1,300 restaurants in the UK and Ireland.

Customers will notice one-way systems and floor markings so they can socially distance themselves

Table service only

Like all other restaurants reopening for indoor dining, McDonald’s has confirmed that it will only serve as an operating table for those who eat.

This is to minimize the number of people moving into the restaurant at a time.

To order through table service, you can either use the free My McDonald’s app – we explain how it works below – or you can order your food at self-service counters.

The staff will then bring you your food, with all tables numbered so you can be easily found.

Order through the app if you can

McDonald’s encourages all customers to order through its free app if they can – and says it’s its preferred method of payment for customers.

The app lets you go straight to your table and order food once you’re seated.

You will need to choose your restaurant and then select “table service” when you go to order your food.

After that you will need to enter your table number so that the staff can find you.

But again, as we mentioned above, there are still other ways to order if you don’t have a smartphone.

There is still a limited menu

Maccies always has a limited menu at its restaurants, so some of your favorites may not be available.

Check the McDonald’s website to see what’s on offer before you visit.

But for better news, the fast food chain just launched five new items, including the Bacon Clubhouse Double Burger – but they’ll only be around for a limited time.

You may have to queue

Since only a limited number of people can dine at a time, you may have to line up outside your local McDonald’s if it’s at full capacity.

The number of people allowed inside will vary depending on the size of the restaurant.

Staff will let you know when it’s your turn to come in and order.

Your food may take longer to reach you due to a lack of staff in the kitchen
Your food may take longer to reach you due to a lack of staff in the kitchen

Food may take longer

Since fewer employees will be on duty, it may take a little longer for your food to reach you.

McDonald’s asks customers to be patient and kind to their staff.

Wear a mask

Customers should wear a mask when ordering takeout or when visiting the restaurant.

But when you’re sitting down eating your food, you won’t need to cover your face.

Some people are exempt – people will not be required to wear a mask if they have a medical reason.

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Follow unidirectional systems

Restaurants will always have a one-way system in place, which you will need to follow when entering and exiting.

You will notice that there will be arrows on the ground that will show you which direction you need to go.

There are also boxes made of duct tape on the floor to indicate where you should stand.

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