McDonald’s reintroduces the Wagyu burger in its premium range

The BURGER McDonald’s restaurant chain has today reintroduced the Wagyu Beef Burger into its luxury offering after a two-year hiatus.

The company said it has purchased around 170 tonnes of Wagyu F1 trims for the relaunched program, which is derived from more than 100 Wagyu production properties in Australia.

McDonald’s first launched its Wagyu burger as a limited-time offer in Australia in 2018, claiming a world first. It was available through the company’s network of 970 stores nationwide.

“The limited-time Wagyu Beef Burger offers customers a sophisticated take on a classic Macca burger,” the company said in a launch statement released this week.

“The burger consists of 100 pieces of Australian-bred Wagyu beef, a tasty piece of bacon, grilled onions, a signature sauce and 100 pieces of Australian-grown produce including sliced ​​tomato, crisp lettuce and Aussie Jack cheese. ”

McDonald’s claimed a world first when it first launched the Wagyu beef burger on the Australian market in early 2018. The project has been described by the company as a “limited time offer,” rather than a trial. The initial launch was supported by a strong consumer marketing campaign on television and social media, before being halted a year later. No other McDonald’s overseas market has followed suit.

Premium option

Amanda Milios, McDonald’s Australia brand manager, said the company knows the Wagyu Beef Burger is a favorite for many of its customers who are looking for a “delicious, more premium lunch or dinner option.”

“As part of our continued support to the local agricultural industry, Macca’s is proud to have purchased over 170,000 kilograms of premium quality Wagyu F1 beef from over 100 Australian farms,” she said.

“We know there is a huge demand for the taste of Wagyu beef.”

Speculation had been evident in industry circles for a few years before the 2018 launch that McDonald’s may at some point launch a Wagyu beef offering – especially after the exceptional success of the company’s McAngus program in 2010. Asked on such a prospect at industry gatherings, In the past, the company has always said that it will not rule out the launch of new products, but stressed that the “critical mass” and the “continuity of the supply “was a big factor with a product like Wagyu.

The growth of the Wagyu industry over the past three years may have heightened the prospects for recovery today.

The re-released Wagyu burger breaks new ground for Macca’s in a number of areas, especially in terms of price. The original 2018 launch had a recommended retail price of $ 10.75, while today’s relaunch has a suggested retail price of $ 11.20, setting a new high for an unrelated McDonald’s burger. meal offer or other additions like a second patty.

Hamburger patties are made at Keystone’s Australian Foods Corporation’s patty factory near Coominya in South East Queensland. The 151g serving size is the same as the existing McAngus patties from McDonald’s. Internally, the size is referred to as “three to one,” which means there are three patties for the Imperial Pound.

Australian Wagyu Association Matt McDonagh said Australia was often used as a test market for new products by companies like McDonald’s, to see what adoption and response looked like.

“Obviously their supply would have been a problem, especially during the drought,” he said.

“At least 20 percent of any carcass will be for beef, and all of these finishing products have to find a home somewhere.”

“Wagyu trims attract a premium, as do muscle pieces, and there is a strong demand for this ground beef in export markets. But at the end of the day, if there is more demand for this product from a customer like McDonald’s, it helps support the base price of Wagyu beef, ”said Dr. McDonagh.

  • The Wagyu burger is available through Oct. 19 at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, including over-the-counter, drive-thru, McDelivery, and the MyMacca’s app.

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