McDonald’s rammy at Scottish drive-thru after man threw hot coffee at worker

A Scotsman appeared in court after throwing a cup of hot coffee at a McDonald’s employee at a drive-thru.

John Greenway argued with staff over a cardboard cup holder.

He started shouting and insulting two employees at the branch in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

And he was arrested and charged with assault after he lost his temper and threw his coffee cup out the window.

The case was heard at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court.

Greenway, 49, appeared in the dock at Kilmarnock Sheriff’s Court yesterday, facing two charges relating to the events of March 5 last year.

He was accused of assaulting worker Stephen McIntyre – by throwing “a cup containing hot liquid” at him – and was also accused of acting in a threatening or abusive manner.

He admitted the charge of threatening or abusive behavior and his plea of ​​not guilty was accepted for the charge of assault.

Prosecutor Ryan Diamond explained: “The worker attempted to put the cup back in a cup holder.

“The defendant replied, ‘I don’t take that, I don’t take that cup holder.’

“Due to the restaurant’s policy on hot drinks, they walked away from the window and asked a manager to attend to the accused.

“The manager explained the policy regarding cup holders due to hot drinks.

“The defendant became furious and aggressive, yelling, ‘f****** stupid, are you f****** stupid? I’m not f****** taking this, what’s the point it’s for when I’m ‘I’m just gonna fuck throw it away anyway?’.”

Greenway then threw the cup holder at the worker, threw his coffee out the window and shouted “you can keep your fucking coffee” before leaving.

Police were contacted and officers investigating the incident reviewed CCTV footage before tracing Greenway back to his home.

Defense attorney Neil McPherson told the court that Greenway was grieving over the loss of his mother.

He said: “It’s weird behavior with a cup holder.

“His mother died three days earlier.

“He can’t explain why something as simple as a cup holder upset him so much – he’s ashamed of himself.

“He also asked me to apologize to the staff, who don’t have to put up with behavior like this at any time of the day, but especially not at 9am.”

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The solicitor also said Greenway, from Kilmarnock, had been cleaning his mother’s house at the time and was unable to work due to a spinal injury.

Sheriff George Jamieson said: ‘I don’t think anyone can explain your behavior, but it’s obvious that grieving your mother may have had an effect.’

He ordered Greenway to pay the workers £150 each in compensation.

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