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McDonald’s serves McFlurrys from a walk-thru billboard on London’s South Bank.

McFlurry fans passing through Builder’s Yard under Hungerford Bridge can grab the free treat from a hatch on the interactive panel which is open from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. until August 22.

Through the integrated serving window, consumers will receive a McFlurry made with vanilla ice cream and Oreo toppings.

Leo Burnett London worked in partnership with OMD and Talon to achieve the activation, which is also part of the ongoing “Fancy a McDonald’s?” brand platform.

Steven Howells, Director of Marketing and Media, McDonald’s, said, “We all need moments of light relaxation – opportunities to let go and forget about the pressures and expectations of life. McDonald’s, in its own way, has brought little moments of joy to the UK for over 40 years. And as McFlurry turns 21 on our menu, it just seems to surprise and delight our customers by offering it in a truly unique way. “

Mark Elwood, Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett, said: “McDonald’s has always been a generous brand and our ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ The brand platform allows this thinking to come to life in a less traditional and more unexpected way. Fancy a free McFlurry, anyone? “

The “Fancy a McDonald’s?” The brand’s platform launched on July 2 with Leo Burnett’s “Laughter” ad, which features no dialogue, just laughs and chuckles. McDonald’s then released “Me time”, which focuses on the personal enjoyment that McDonald’s can bring.

As part of McFlurry’s 21st birthday celebrations, a McFlurry van visited home birthday parties.

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