McDonald’s Japan ‘Moon Watching’ Tsukimi Pie Exudes Japanese Flavor

The perfect flavor for a traditional Japanese festival.

It’s that time of year again when the fall harvest moon shines over Japan, inspiring people to hold on “tsukimi”(“moon observation“) events in her honor. A place where the moon particularly shines is at Mcdonalds, where you will find the “Tsukimi family»On the menu for a limited time.

▼ This year’s “Tsukimi Family”.

Right out of the line on September 8, we went looking for one of the cutest family members – the Tsukimi pie. Although it debuted in the Tsukimi line three years ago, it has proven to be so popular that it has become a mainstay of the annual collection.

After trying it for the first time last year, we have become addicted to this unusual pie and are waiting, crossing our fingers, for it to return this year. What makes it so unusual is the fact that it contains adzuki red bean paste and mochi sticky rice, making it a rich, deliciously chewy, and singing garnish with the traditional sweet flavors of Japan that are perfect for a traditional celebration like moon watching.

The white mochi looks like the brilliant moon, while dark red bean paste can be considered as the night sky. Opening the pie reveals a generous serving of ingredients and, interestingly, it is reminiscent of a taiyaki fish shaped candy, only instead of the fluffy outer dough of the taiyaki, everything is enclosed in Crispy Crispy McDonald’s Pie Crust.

This dessert, unique to McDonald’s Japan, is like a fusion candy that combines the traditional taste of Japan with the classic taste of American pie. Every bite of this is sheer decadence, and there’s an added aspect of fun in the fact that you can feel like you consume the moon and become one with it, while looking at the real thing on the outside.

The Tsukimi pie costs 150 yen (US $ 1.36) and can be purchased all day as it is also part of the morning menu before 10:30 a.m. However, it is only available until mid-October, and in order to guarantee its return next year due to popular demand, we will be consuming a large number while they are on sale, as well as the new Rich Melty Burger, which in our opinion is the richest tasting burger in lunar burger history!

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