McDonald’s is reportedly working on a new treat

McFlurry seems to have been around forever, but as far as McDonald’s menu staples go, it’s relatively new.

A mix of soft vanilla ice cream and various cookies and candies, the McFlurry is served with a signature spoon with a hole in the handle. Fast food aficionados have often said the dessert is McDonald’s (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation report answer to Dairy Queen’s Blizzard, but the McFlurry has been around long enough at this point to develop its own fan base.

The candy was first introduced in 1995 by a franchise of New Brunswick, Canada. McDonald’s began slowly rolling it out to various locations before it was put on the menu at all locations in 1997.

McDonald’s generally gives its various franchises plenty of leeway to experiment with new ideas to see if they might work for a wider customer base, and different locations often experiment with new McFlurry ideas.

One eagle-eyed fast food fan noticed a few Southern California locations are testing a new McFlurry iteration featuring an iconic American candy.

A new McFlurry has been discovered

A few Southern California locations have experimented with a Hershey’s Mix McFlurry which contains bits of the chocolate bar mixed in.

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A staple American candy since the dawn of the 20th century, Hershey’s chocolate bars are the kind of thing one would assume were already staples for McFlurry mixes. But this is surprisingly not the case.

As noted by the rather well organized McDonald’s fandom wiki for McFlurry, basic toppings include Snickers, Oreos, mini M&M’s and Butterfingers. Various other flavors and ingredients are constantly rotated on and off the menu.

Why wasn’t Hershey already on the menu? Well the answer is it was on the menu beforeand it was marketed as a “McFlurry Seduction” (which sounds NSFW) but it never sticks.

It’s hard to say why that’s the case, but McDonald’s, like many other fast food companies, likes to rotate items like the McRib or Shamrock Shake on a seasonal basis, to generate demand for scarcity. (And these days, social media is all the rage.) Some fans might find that annoying, but this approach seems to be working as intended.

What do people think of Hershey’s McFlurry?

YouTube reviewer of Hershey’s McFlurry Peep This Out!, who, as noted by Chew Boomposted a review of the dish, judging it “really chocolate ray heavy”.

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