McDonald’s is finally offering oat milk, but there’s a big catch

Compared to other plant milks currently available, such as soy milk and almond milk, oat milk has a creamy texture and a neutral flavor close to cow’s milk (via Epicurious). Oats absorb more water than the alternatives, making oat milk creamier than other non-dairy milks. According to Food 52, it’s the creamy texture of oat milk, its neutral flavor, and the fact that you can whip it into a stable foam that makes it so good in coffee. There’s a reason oat milk was available in more than 3,000 coffee shops in the United States by 2019, up from just 10 in 2017 (via Perfect Daily Grind).

The MILKLAB oat milk that McDonald’s plans to use in Australia was also developed with coffee drinkers in mind. According to MILKLAB’s chief marketing officer, oat milk “was developed in collaboration with baristas, with the sole purpose of creating the perfect alternative milk to enhance the coffee experience” (via New Idea). Fans outside of Australia will have to wait and see if McDonald’s will offer oat milk elsewhere in the future. Considering that the McCafe itself originated in Australia before spreading around the world (via DMARGE), that just might be a real possibility. Stay tuned!

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