McDonald’s is bringing Pokemon back to Happy Meals, but there’s a catch

McDonald’s is bringing Pokemon back to Happy Meals, but there’s one catch that Pokemon fans should be aware of.

McDonald’s restaurants work with Pokemon since the first game in the franchise, with plenty of toys and special items available each time. Recently, and very subtly, McDonald’s announced that it would bring Pokemon back to Happy Meals in the coming months, but there’s a catch: right now, Pokemon only returning to McDonald’s restaurants in the UK.

McDonald’s and the Pokemon franchise has already done many collaborations, the most recent being planned for 2021. For Pokemon 25th anniversary, the franchise has collaborated with McDonald’s Happy Meals where special edition Pokemon trading cards and a special item were included in these Happy Meals.


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MocDonald’s in the UK recently launched their latest Happy Meal theme featuring Paddington Bear. Printed on the Happy Meal box, a VGC reader spotted a tab with a small image of Pikachu saying that Pokemon is “coming soon to Happy Meal.” The last time McDonald’s had Pokemon cards and items involved in Happy Meals, he had to put restrictions in place due to scalpers mass-buying Happy Meals for cards and toys, but throwing away the food. Nothing else has been confirmed about what will happen this year. Pokemon collaboration will involve, but it will be available on August 3.

Pokemon and McDonald’s seem to work well together since both franchises are well known and very popular. McDonald’s restaurants in places like Hong Kong and Japan in particular have had fun and creative ways to bring Pokemon the fans in their restaurants.

With Pokemon scarlet and violet being a possibility for this collaboration, McDonald’s will likely be more cautious after its experience with the 25th anniversary collaboration and impose restrictions to avoid scalpers and food waste. Depending on the content of this collaboration, it might be easier for McDonald’s to avoid this situation, but sometimes it is unavoidable with Pokemon being as popular as it has become over the decades.

Pokemon has had a busy year so far, with the announcement and speculation from fans about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. McDonald’s brings the Pokemon return to Happy Meals will be a welcome collaboration for new and old fans alike. Pokemon fans are already excited about new games, as well as future games. Meanwhile, Ash Ketchum will be back at Pokemon games in the future as part of Pokemon Masters EXaccording to recent leaks.

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